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Addison Care represents the future of in-home caregiving, blending advanced technology with the warmth and personal touch every caregiver dreams of providing. With our special promo pricing, we’re making it easier than ever to bring Addison into your home.

Addison Device on Living Room Table with Dog

Addison on Tablet or All-in-One Computer

Utilizing a powerful Intel i5 processor for a seamless experience.

Health Tech & Addison

Personalized Virtual Interaction

Features like hands-free dialing, interactive environments, and atmospheric mirroring make Addison a true companion.

Electronic Caregiver customer using console with Addison

24/7 Support System

Emergency response, virtual primary care (pocketMD), programmed care routines, health surveys, and vital monitoring.


Peace of Mind

Round-the-clock access to medical and emergency support

Customized Care

Tailored routines and health monitoring that adapt to your needs.

Enhanced Wellnes

Comprehensive health surveys and wellness checks keep you on the path to wellness.

Unbeatable Value

Enjoy significant savings with our promotional offers, including two (2) vitals monitoring device and reduced monthly service fees.

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How We Help YOU

Imagine never having to worry about missing medication, forgetting a doctor’s appointment, or feeling alone in an emergency. Addison Care brings a level of care and attention that supports both caregivers and those they care for, creating a nurturing environment filled with peace, security, and health.

What is Addison Care?

Addison Care offers a state-of-the-art virtual caregiving experience, combining advanced technology with personalized care to support the elderly in their homes.

How does the emergency response system work?

Our 24/7 emergency response system ensures immediate assistance is just a button press away, using GPS and wearable technology for real-time support.

Can Addison Care manage medication routines?

Yes, Addison Care includes programmable medication support routines, ensuring medications are taken accurately and on time.

What kind of health monitoring does Addison provide?

Addison offers comprehensive health and wellness surveys and vital monitoring, tailored to the individual’s health needs.

Is remote TeleCare included in the service?

Absolutely, our service includes “live” remote TeleCare and wellness checks, conducted by certified health professionals to ensure ongoing health and well-being.

What special offer is available with the Promo pricing?

The Promo pricing includes discounted equipment and installation, reduced monthly service fees, and bonus TeleCare minutes, providing exceptional value.

Special Promo Pricing

Exclusive Bonuses

  • Additional professional remote TeleCare
  • A remote GPS emergency response system,
  • Caregiver apps for both iOS and Android
  • Copy of “Guide to Affordable Caregiving, the Art of Caregiver Delegation”

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