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Tony Dohrmann
Tony DohrmannFounder and CEO
Anthony is the husband to Ingrid, the father of 5, an entrepreneur, a pilot, an author, a church lay-person, and a lover of all things tech. He is the founder and CEO of Electronic Caregiver, Inc., located in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Electronic Caregiver® has invested over $52M and ten years into R&D, patient screenings, and the recent deployment of highly effective patient monitoring services. Consequently, Electronic Caregiver® has the best technology solutions available to help serve our clients based on their needs and resources.

“We now stand on the precipice of a massive new technology opportunity with the potential to catapult healthcare years into the future to the benefit of first and foremost, the patient. We have successfully maneuvered through the fields of the most difficult times in building a nationwide venture. We have extraordinary accomplishments behind us, a capable and dedicated team, an unshakable foundation, and opportunities we look forward to in earnest. The future just arrived, and we are ready!”
– Anthony Dohrmann


When Electronic Caregiver, Inc. began, we knew two things. One, there was a huge market need, and two, no one else in the industry had perfected health and safety monitoring. Intrigued by the challenge and backed by the country’s largest monitoring company, Rapid Response, Electronic Caregiver Premier products, pocketMD, and Addison Care were created to better people’s lives.

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With technology developing at a rapid pace through our 60+ person Innovation team, we’ve partnered with Amazon and developing technology on AWS platforms. Additionally, we are working with Intel in our continual development of our artificial intelligence-based virtual caregiver – Addison Care ™.

According to Anthony Dohrmann, only 3% of the US population can afford live caregiving, “We are bringing affordable, effective care alternatives to the world through Addison. Working with home care providers and hospitals across America, we will provide service and product line extensions to serve market demand while delivering alternatives that individuals and families can afford. Our goal is to cut costs, improve care and extend functional independence.”

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When talking about the benefits of our devices, it’s best to hear it from those who’ve experienced them. Here’s what our customers have to say:

mary - electronic care giver testimonial

You could fall and not be able to touch anything or call anybody. If you touch the button on your wrist, that’s all you need to do!

Mary, ECG Customer
joyce - electronic caregiver testimonial

This past week, we took my father with us to Phoenix, AZ. I did not even think about the Electronic Caregiver until I received a phone call that there had not been movement in my father’s room! It is such a comfort knowing there is that added layer of care for my father! Thank you for providing this service!

Joyce, ECG Customer
nathan - electronic caregiver testimonial

Thank you for all your help during my wife’s most difficult time. I could not have made it through without your help.

Nathan, ECG Customer
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