Addison Care


Who Addison Helps

Addison, the Virtual Caregiver, is a state-of-the-art, 3D animated, connected caregiver designed to transform a residence into a digital Smart Health Home, providing chronic care management, rehabilitation, aging in place, behavioral health and care coordination, for patients of all ages.

Features of Addison Care

A World of Experiences

  • Mirrors time of day and weather
  • Celebrates your faith and holidays
  • Personalized environments
  • Cultural customization
  • Interactable features boost cognition
  • Encourages success and uplifts mood

A World of Connectivity

  • TeleCare Center Integrated
  • Virtual Primary Care Connected
  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • Personal hands-free calls to family or friends
  • Customer service on demand
  • Caregiver alerts and notifications

A World of Benefits

  • Continuous care support and coaching
  • Early identification of changes in health status
  • Expedited, expert interventions
  • Improved treatment adherence
  • Better health outcomes
  • Keeps care circle informed

Additional Features

Voice or Touch Driven Interaction

Medication Reminders

24/7 Emergency Response

Vitals Monitoring

Notify the Parties You Authorize

(Care Circle)

Privacy & Security with Face Recognition

Our Simple Approach

Customize Your Addison Care System

Your Addison Care Console will include the peripheral Bluetooth devices you need for your care plan. Options include glucometer, non-contact thermometer, pulse oximeter, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, or spirometer.

Easy to Set Up

Our team has created an out-of-the-box experience unlike any other. Your Addison Care Console is already personalized to your care plan and automatically connects to Bluetooth health monitoring devices and emergency response wearables upon arrival.  All you have to do is plug it into an outlet and enjoy!

Optional Redundancy Available

Addison can be equipped with cellular backup communication and an uninterrupted power supply for additional protection during local power or Wi-Fi outages. 

Get Started Today

It is easy and fast to get started with Addison Connected Care. Get in touch today.