Aging With Dignity

Maintain Independence with Addison

For many people, aging with dignity means staying in their own home for as long as possible and having the independence to care for themselves. Addison Care makes this possible by providing care, support, and companionship. With the Addison Virtual Caregiver, you can focus on living life on your terms.

Connected Health with Addison
Addison helping elderly man cook
Health Tech & Addison

Experience what Addison can bring!

Constant Companion

Addison acts as a constant companion, keeping clients engaged in their health with fun features, like customizable avatars and environments, games, and interactive objects and animals.

Health Management

With vitals monitoring and medication reminders, Addison offers personalized systems to meet and fit around care plans, making sure things stay on track.

Physician Consult 24/7

Addison offers 24/7 telehealth services. At any time you have a concern, you can speak with a physician from the convenience of home.

Emergency Response

Through voice or touch, you can let Addison know you need help in an emergency. The Virtual Caregiver will connect you with first responders immediately.

Telecare Coaching

With Addison, you have access to our TeleCare Center, offering a health coach to assist in your care plan and coordinate with professional care teams as needed.

Connected Care

Addison keeps your care circle connected, notifying caregivers, loved ones, and providers if an emergency or health issue arises.

Start Living Life on Your Terms