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Medical Response Systems for Seniors


Medical Response Systems for Seniors Just a call away Emergency assistance is just a button away with our medical response systems for Seniors. Electronic Caregiver Premier is our mobile GPS medical alert and personal security system. This system is perfect for our more active and independent clients. It's lightweight, easy to use, and [...]

Medical Response Systems for Seniors2020-06-11T14:42:28-06:00

Check Vitals at Home


Check Your Vitals at Home: Vitals Monitoring 101 There's a new season upon us in the US and all across the world. The season of pandemic mitigation, safety, and concern for our fellow citizens. It's a turbulent time, an uncertain time, and there is a definite new awareness of taking our own health [...]

Check Vitals at Home2020-06-01T12:00:31-06:00

Mark Francis to join the Electronic Caregiver Team


AIthority May 22, 2020 Electronic Caregiver, a national health technology company, is pleased to announce a new addition to its C-suite. Previously holding key executive positions with powerful corporations like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Intel, Mark Francis will join the Electronic Caregiver team as Chief Digital Health Integration Officer. Read the Story [...]

Mark Francis to join the Electronic Caregiver Team2020-05-22T08:02:03-06:00

Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne Partner to Provide Quality Services to Seniors


Electronic Caregiver Inc has teamed up with AlphaOne Ambulance Medical Services Inc. in Sacramento, CA. The partnership provides peace of mind and protection for seniors. Sacramento resident Dot Boyd, an independent partner of Electronic Caregiver, offers the company’s technology to those living in the Greater Sacramento Area. Electronic Caregiver's products include telehealth and remote [...]

Electronic Caregiver and AlphaOne Partner to Provide Quality Services to Seniors2020-05-15T15:37:20-06:00

Master Care Partner Impacts Community


Master Care partner unites with thousands of volunteers to protect seniors, healthcare workers during COVID-19 epidemic Currently, Beth Stager, an Electronic Caregiver® Master Care Partner (MCP) in Bradenton, Florida, is making an impact. She is fighting against COVID-19, along with thousands of volunteers in Manatee and Sarasota Counties. Beth is making masks for medical staff, [...]

Master Care Partner Impacts Community2020-05-01T14:37:38-06:00

Health Technology Can Save Lives


The Era of New Health Technology Marybeth Van Horn, 67, a resident of Denver, Colorado and a nurse of 45 years, has both experienced and heard real-life stories of how health technology can save lives. Five years ago, she slipped on black ice in a parking lot, snapping her femur while mid-air. When [...]

Health Technology Can Save Lives2020-04-15T10:37:42-06:00

Tele What? Telehealth has everyone talking


Tele What? Telehealth has everyone talking Oh boy. And just when we all had settled into our normal routines. You know, like seeing our docs on a regularly scheduled basis. And popping into our urgent care offices for that quick check to make sure those allergies are nothing more. It [...]

Tele What? Telehealth has everyone talking2020-04-15T10:09:35-06:00

pocketMD Telehealth use during a Pandemic?


Can you use pocketMD Telehealth during a Pandemic? Concerns about health amidst a pandemic With the coronavirus outbreak changing everyday life for people worldwide, Cheryl Wilson, 60, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, has concerns about her health. “Right now, the coronavirus is rampant in my area and the schools have shut [...]

pocketMD Telehealth use during a Pandemic?2020-04-03T18:15:20-06:00

Telehealth is Assistance Right Now


pocketMD Telehealth Even Helps During a Holiday? While in Dallas, Texas over the Thanksgiving holiday, Las Cruces resident Stacy Hagar experienced severe nose and chest congestion and coughing. Hagar relied on Electronic Caregiver’s technology to get the medical assistance she needed. She also experienced that telehealth is assistance right now! Hagar, 56, used pocketMD, [...]

Telehealth is Assistance Right Now2020-04-03T18:15:45-06:00

Coronavirus Fears: How PocketMD is the Game Changer We All Need


Coronavirus Fears: How PocketMD is the Game Changer We All Need First of all, absolutley no one wants to think of a loved one facing a sudden illness alone. Frail seniors, inexperienced young adults, and those already dealing with illness hear frightening stories from news outlets about the novel coronavirus. If [...]

Coronavirus Fears: How PocketMD is the Game Changer We All Need2020-04-28T08:33:33-06:00