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Five Questions About That Medical Alert System


Are you faced with the possibility of buying a medical alert system? There are so many companies in the home medical alert system market these days. It can be confusing to know the who, what, where, and why of it all. How do they work? Do they have hard-to-use technology? What if you're just [...]

Five Questions About That Medical Alert System2019-09-25T06:25:54-06:00

Electronic Caregiver Care Partners


Electronic Caregiver Care Partners The Why, How and Who of ECG's Care Partners When Electronic Caregiver, Inc. began, two things were known as absolute;  there was a huge market need, and no one else in the industry had perfected health and safety monitoring. Intrigued by the challenge and backed by the country's largest monitoring [...]

Electronic Caregiver Care Partners2019-09-25T09:56:40-06:00

Keys to Aging in Place


Keys to Aging in Place First and foremost, we all know that every one of us is an individual with preferences, likes, dislikes, and abilities. We are as different from one another as the colors in the rainbow. Yet, we are alike in so many ways. One of those ways, if we are lucky [...]

Keys to Aging in Place2019-09-25T09:55:43-06:00