Beginning Caregiving All Over Again

Aug 23, 2019

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Well, here you are with your adult child. It seems like it was only a few years of giving, even though the origin of your caregiving to them started with their first breath. It sped along so quickly, didn’t it? And now, you’re so close to done. Finally. You’ve almost gotten them through those last years of high school. You worked like you never thought you could. There’s now a history of weathered hormones and tears, crazy joys, and laughter. You’ve seen them rise and fall, and learn. How is it that now, there’s the beginning of caregiving all over again?

College kids ready to live lifeThey’ve learned everything you can think of from walking across the street to walking across another’s heart. You’ve talked, hugged, chatted, screamed, silenced, and sometimes even bribed your way through a myriad of days and nights. You’ve been everything in their eyes from superhero to the worst human being ever! You were revered as a god and dismissed as an old person who was caught in your own generation’s misgivings about life. And, at 16, they did know everything about everything. Remember? And now?

Incredibly, it seems before you could blink more than twice, they are hugging your neck on their way out the door to college, employment, or tech school. They will move down the street, down South, or maybe across the country. They’ll be heading to that apartment they rented after getting that cool new job. Whatever direction they head, it will be a little bitter… and a bit sweet. But it won’t be long before you can exhale and watch them stretch their wings and fly. And then you can rest. Right?

The Beginning of Caregiving, Round Two?

Except for the one thing you didn’t consider during those midnight feedings and singing the ABC’s, was what would be happening to the very ones who saw you through these very same life moments. While you’ve been so busy trying to get it all right for those you were raising, those who raised you have been changing.

They’re a little weaker, slowing down, forgetting. They may not be ‘old’ yet, although you can see it raising its image across their faces a little more each visit. ‘Feeble” may not be a good descriptor of her yet, despite a stumble here or there, she gets around ok. He still drives and shops and gets to the doctor without issues. They are ‘independent’ still. They take care of themselves. She walks and works in the yard. And they both take their meds every day, don’t they? Maybe? OK, maybe some days they forget, but just on some days.

Because of the possibilities of what could go wrong, like what they might be forgetting or any feebleness they experience, are allowed to settle into your thoughts. You’re not sure you could take it. I mean, you’re just getting done with the last of the schooling years, and you’re not ready to worry about your parents. We understand that! Some of us have been in the same position.

What We Didn’t Have as Caregivers

But we want to tell you about what we didn’t have as caregivers was a resource of peace as things progress in our older loved one’s lives. Some of us had no clue what was in store, and so many of us depended upon an overcrowded, undependable health care system to tell us what to expect next. After all, they are the experts, not us—right?

Aging and all that comes with that is certainly not something most of us have focused on through little scraped knees and Sweet Sixteen parties. It just crept up on us, sometimes even crashed in on our schedules with one phone call. “Your Mom had a stroke.” “Your Dad slipped off the ladder.” And our response? “Oh my, what do we do NOW?” How in this world will we handle the beginning of caregiving again?

Three genrations. Grandfather, Father, Son

The Beginning of Caregiving Again and Electronic Caregiver

Before all that comes sliding down into your world, from experience and passion, we have a suggestion. It’s called Electronic Caregiver, and it’s not just a medical alert system. It’s a lifesaver! Literally. Let us tell you why:

The Electronic Caregiver was created by people unhappy—some downright angry—over the archaic and undependable medical alert systems on the market. We set our goals to figure out how to make an affordable, efficient system—and most importantly—dependable system. Our results are helping seniors stay at home daily. It is keeping them out of facilities and even alive.

The Beginning of Caregiving…the Right Way

Falling is one of senior citizens’ most significant contributors for being committed to a facility, exasperating health care issues, and even mortality. Did you know US Senior Citizens who fall unattended in their home lies there, alone, in pain, for an average of 18 hours? EIGHTEEN HOURS! There are helpful tools to assist in preventing this kind of disaster in your family, and we discuss some of them in Keys to Aging in Place.

Rapid Response Monitoring

Did you know that most other systems on the market, when they work and someone answers, they ask a person what’s wrong and then tell them they are sending help and hangs up? Hangs up! The person on the other end of their distress call even may have zero education in geriatric issues or emergency medical response! We don’t agree with this lack of empathy in caregiving.

So, Electronic Caregiver went to work to address these significant issues one by one. We developed an inactivity monitor that when there is no detection of movement at your loved one’s home, the system calls you to let you know. And if we can’t get a hold of you, we’ll call for an emergency welfare check.

Electronic Caregiver System Features

We developed a water-resistant wrist pendant that can be worn in a long bathtub soak as well as in the shower. There’s no need to remove it in one of the highest risk areas of a home.

We include other significant items into this system, including medication and appointment reminders, GPS, and our caregiver connectivity app. The voice responding on the other end of the crises call is thoroughly educated. Consequently, they stay on the line until an emergency responder from your area is at the side of the one you love. We don’t hang up on our customers before they are secure. Ever.

medical response system

Medical alarms can relieve anxiety, increase feelings of security, and improve the general quality of the lives of older people living alone. Electronic Caregiver is proud that our systems are helping thousands and thousands of people to safely age in place.

There’s Help for Your Beginning of Caregiving Again, as Well as Through it

While we were caregiving, we wished there was something or someone to make us feel more at ease. What we would have given for something that would have allowed our loved ones to finish their flying at the same time our kids were just finding their wings.

We’re proud that we can offer that to you and yours. Your loved ones deserve to be safe at home and cared for well. And you? You deserve to be able to afford it. Call Electronic Caregiver. And then, breathe. You got this when you’ve got Electronic Caregiver.