Caregiving Medical Alert Systems

Caregiving Medical Alert Systems

Caregiving Medical Alert Systems...even the terms sound daunting when you are already tired from normal life activity. And then, add to the mix that your aging parent needs a little more attention these days. Nothing serious, but there’s just a few signs that things are slowing down a little. First of all, we don’t even want to recognize that our parents are aging. I mean heroes don’t age do they? But some of the signs are just a little undeniable. Maybe the worst of the signs is simply that they cannot remember to take their medications every single day like prescribed? Yeah, we know up close and personal how that can affect their day to day health and welfare. And then about that tiny tumble last week. Nothing serious, it was more embarrassing than anything else, but if you were honest, it did scare you for a minute. That thought of “What if he fell and I wasn’t here?” Yes, we know that feeling as well. It’s tough.

Caregiving and Resources has some very helpful tips and strategies for those who find themselves entering into a season of caregiving, and those who are tired and challenged by it. You are not alone and their advice can be extremely insightful and helpful; “Most family caregivers reach a point when they realize they need help at home. Tell-tale signs include recognizing that your loved one requires constant supervision and/or assistance with everyday activities, such as bathing and dressing. Caregivers also find that certain housekeeping routines and regular errands are accomplished with great difficulty or are left undone. It may become apparent that in order to take care of any business outside the home, more than one caregiver is required.”

Caregiving with Medical Alert Systems

The Electronic Caregiver Company has developed the perfect system to assist caregivers help their aging loved ones stay in their own homes, for as long as possible. In home service providers are constantly raving about this home medical alert system, especially due to the inactivity monitor and medication management features! Those two features alone, bring much relief to users and caregivers alike. The electronic management system is reminding its users when to take medications, every single day. These reminders are pre-programmed by one of our techs before your system is shipped to you so that when you receive it, it is ready to help the user from day one. The 24/7 inactivity monitor is installed in a high traffic area of a home. When there has not been any activity in that area for a pre-programmed time frame during the day and/or night, it will signal to our responders to call and check on the customer. If there is no response the customer’s responsible party will be notified immediately. If the responsible party cannot be reached, our rapid response team will contact local authorities and request a welfare check.

Testimony from an Electronic Caregiver Customer

Here is a testimony from an ECG user: “I am SO thankful for Electronic Caregiver! My 91-year-old father does not need constant care, but after 2 mini strokes and some heart problems, we are concerned about him. This past week, we took my father with us to Phoenix, AZ. I did not even think about the Electronic Caregiver until I received a phone call that there had not been movement in my father’s room! It is such a comfort knowing there is that added layer of care for my father! Thank you for providing this service!”

Testimony from those who sell the Electronic Caregiver

Here is a testimonial from one of our Master Dealers: “Yesterday I was in Newport Beach. I often go down and check in on one of my ladies We had placed a plus package with. Her son from CO happened to be there. Her son, was very impressed with the system, and mentioned, ECG had reason to check with her a few times, and were more than pleased with the outcome! Love! Love! Love hearing this positive feedback!”

Most of the staff who work at The Electronic Caregiver Company have either been caregivers themselves, have lost loved ones who needed this type of system, or are currently on the journey. That’s why we are so good at what we do…it’s our passion, not just our job. It’s WHY we do WHAT we do and we do it for you and yours the way we would want it done for our own. We know your life is tough right now, we want to help. Caregiving medical alert systems might just be a good start to this journey, and this conversation. Contact us.