Don't fall for less

Don't Fall for Less

September 22, 2016, the first day of fall, marked the 9th annual National Falls Prevention Awareness Day, sponsored by the National Council on Aging (NCOA). Falls are the leading cause of injury related emergency department visits for older adults. The Electronic Caregiver Company conducts free Fall Risk Assessments in our mobile lab. We’re actually doing something about the risk of falls…in addition to selling the best emergency medical alert system on the market today! Don't fall for less! Falls are the major cause of hip fractures, and responsible for more than half of fatal head injuries. Numerous states and countries worldwide are now coalescing to address this growing public health issue. The Electronic Caregiver is on the cutting edge of technology that will assist in monitoring and predicting an increase of fall risk of our customers. We want to PREVENT our consumers from having to use our emergency medical alert system! But if they need to…we’re there!

Significantly, many in the health industry are working closely with occupational therapy practitioners as key contributors to reducing falls and it’s about time! The Electronic Caregiver Company has been working with them since it’s conception. Because we don’t want to just monitor our customers in cases of emergency, we want to help PREVENT them from falling in the first place! Our mobile fall assessment lab travels the country offering free screenings and results that can be taken to your doctor or physical therapist. The data we gather helps us develop cutting edge technology to intercept and recognize your fall risk BEFORE you fall. We think we might be the only company we know that actually wants to prevent it's customers from using it's product!

Stay strong, take your meds and get your eyes checked!

The most important thing you can do to prevent falls is to stay strong! Try to increase your activity levels by exercising each day. Walking, fishing, gardening, tai chi – whatever you enjoy. And help yourself with a home medical alert system that can actually help you with all that! We’d rather prevent your fall than answer your fall call for help!

Medications can cause falls! Remember, some medications can cause dizziness on their own, or when mixed with others. Always take your medications as directed. If you are taking more than 2 medications, ask your pharmacist to review them for you. Avoid mixing alcohol with prescription medications. The Electronic Caregiver will actually REMIND you when to take your meds! The EYES have it! When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Vision is an important part of balance. Good vision helps to prevent falls. If you are over the age of 65, have your vision checked every year. And we want you to see we are the only home medical alert system that actually is doing research and development to PREVENT falls! We don’t want our customer to use our product for an emergency fall call. That’s how WE do business!

Don't fall for less....18 hours is a really long time

Finally, why all the fuss about falling? Because a Senior Citizen living alone in the US in 2015, when experiencing a fall, laid unattended for an AVERGAE OF EIGHTEEN HOURS! EIGHTEEN! The consequential medical implications that can result from lying on a floor somewhere immobile for that long are astronomical! Lives have been lost that could have been saved had they received intervention sooner. Falls are no joke! That’s why we at The Electronic Caregiver Company engage in research and development to constantly improve the protection we offer. It’s why we are the leader in technology and early intervention. And it’s why you shouldn’t settle for anything less! #dontfall4less