ECG Customers Speak

ECG Customers Speak About Their Electronic Caregiver

ECG Customers are sending messages, making phone calls and taking to social media to let others know that their Electronic Caregiver worked better than they had hoped. A consumer will invest their money into a product with hope and trust. The truth happens when that product delivers exactly what it's creators said it would deliver. There are seniors alive today because the educated, friendly voice on the other side of their efficient medical alert system was there to walk them through their crises. They didn't hang up, therefore our customers were never alone once they pushed that button or wrist pendant. And that is what they bought it for in the first place. And that is what we do. We smile every single time an ECG Customer lets us know we helped them in their life. Because, really, when it's all said and done, what else is more important to them? We can't think of anything.

Not immune to a medical emergency

"We are not ten foot tall and bullet proof, and it’s going to happen sooner or later." Linda, Survivor of Medical Emergency due to her Electronic Caregiver wrist pendant. I'm happy you're here and I'm happy I've got it!" Mary, ECG Customer

Wishing I had Medical Alert Help

"I slid down beside the dresser…and I tried for about an hour to get up. I got to a seating position and saw my wrist and thought 'now what have I got this thing for?' And I pushed it. And within ten minutes I had help. I was so happy…" Esther; ECG Customer/Fell alone at home in her bedroom "Each year, millions of older people—those 65 and older—fall. In fact, one out of three older people falls each year, but less than half tell their doctor. Falling once doubles your chances of falling again."

Seniors falling all alone

"I would say we are in denial when we get this age. We think we don't need that. But, it is a relief when you get one and you are aware of the fact that, no matter what happens, you have help available. I had an occasion where I was out for 24 hours. Nobody knew it. People kept calling me and finally they ended up calling the kids. I was unconscious. And that’s when they discovered I have Lymphoma. "I had another unit before this one. And that one was inadequate." Ruby, ECG Customer

"You could fall and not be able to touch anything or call anybody. If you touch the button on your wrist, that's all you need to do!" Mary, ECG Customer

ECG Customers and the no activity notice

"This past week, we took my father with us to Phoenix, AZ. I did not even think about the Electronic Caregiver until I received a phone call that there had not been movement in my father’s room! It is such a comfort knowing there is that added layer of care for my father! Thank you for providing this service!” Joyce, ECG Customer

ECG Customer Lee is thrilled with her new protection.

Medical Emergency Response System

"I've been researching all of the Emergency Response systems on the market for my Mother-in-law, including Lifeline, which I formerly worked for at Mercy Hospital. Electronic Caregiver has so many features and benefits it surpasses all the others specifically the inactivity sensor, lifetime price lock-in. EMT monitors calls as well as additional help buttons are available and more. You won't be disappointed. Feel like we are giving her the gift of safety/dignity and we now have peace of mind." Mary O. Bakersfield , CA

Electronic Caregiver 5 Benefits Short Commercial from Anthony Dohrmann on Vimeo.

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