ECG Family

What is ECG Family?

ECG Family has been created by The Electronic Caregiver Company to connect to our customers, friends, neighbors and investors. It's our place to share breaking news, updates, and testimonials from our dealers in the field and our protected customers. It is a gathering place of thousands of Baby Boomers who have protected their parents. It's the place of husbands who now have peace because their wives are safe. ECG Family is a place of bringing together parents who have protected their three-year-olds and those protecting their twenty-something college kids. And finally, it is a place where those who believe in the mission to "protect one-million people' gather to encourage others that they are not and never will be left alone. Because now, they are part of a family. They are members of the ECG Family. And on behalf of all of us, we are so glad you are here with us.

Quality starts at the top!

The Electronic Caregiver was developed to address the out-of-date and tech poor systems available on the market. When ECG was created, the system son the market were antiquated and inefficient. They provided a cold, lonely avenue to alert medical response that something was wrong. People today are still using them, but they don't have to, and truthfully, they deserve better. The lack in the systems adversely impacts lives. These deficiencies were the reason why the status quo wasn't good enough for Anthony Dohrmann. Therein, he set out and successfully developed a system that fully protects it's users. The system reminds them to take their meds, offers sleek, discreet emergency wrist pendants and mobile GPS. In addition it offers geo fencing, environmental monitoring, auto-fall detection and perhaps the most ingenious feature of all; the inactivity monitor. Anthony was concerned with the statistic that the average Senior citizen living alone who falls, lays unattended for an AVERAGE of 18 hours. He felt this was uncalled for, totally unacceptable and preventable! Anthony choose the long path to develop a system with a feature solely focused on the purpose to cut deep into that horrific wait time. Consequently, the inactivity monitor has expedited crises interventions. The long term impact of subsequent health issues arising from lying unattended have been drastically reduced by alerting first responders to inactivity. And lives have been saved.

Follow the Leader

When searching for our Master Dealers it was essential that those men and women understood the impact they are making upon their own communities. And they do. Everyday. Here is a sample of some of their thoughts about what they do for a living: "I love what I am doing with The Electronic Caregiver Company because of the immediate positive impact that we have on peoples' lives. I have had conversations with families that have used our system to save the life of a loved one and that's a feeling like none other." Ed "The reason I became a nurse is because I wanted to do something meaningful and make a difference in the lives of my patients. Providing the Electronic Caregiver system in the homes of people who need the protection, more than they know, allows me to make a difference on that day. It also protects them everyday afterwards from unnecessary pain and suffering, loss of independence, and even death." Pam "I love my job because The Electronic Caregiver is a “security system for the body." It helps people to have independence longer; even when an accident or medical issue occurs. Life is for living, giving, loving – the ECG provides safeguards for the one body we have been given to enjoy." Dacia "As a daughter of aging parents, I understand feeling helpless when your loved ones need you, and you can’t be there. I want to make it easier for others to find ECG solutions so they can get help immediately." Audra

Now Protected

One of the most amazing moments that happens at The Electronic Caregiver Company, is when a customer calls in to tell us about how our system has impacted their lives. We cherish their stories, and, well honestly, we feel a sense of gratitude and pride that we were a positive part of their story. "We are not ten foot tall and bullet proof, and it’s going to happen sooner or later." Linda (Survivor of medical emergency due to her Electronic Caregiver wrist pendant.) "I slid down beside the dresser. I tried for about an hour to get up. I got to a seating position and saw my wrist and thought 'now what have I got this thing for?' And I pushed it. And within ten minutes I had help. I was so happy." Esther (Fell alone at home in her bedroom) "This past week, we took my father with us to Phoenix, AZ. I did not even think about the Electronic Caregiver until I received a phone call that there had not been movement in my father’s room! It is such a comfort knowing there is that added layer of care for my father! Thank you for providing this service!” Joyce (Purchased the system for her aging-in-place Dad)

The Electronic Caregiver Medical Alarm Systems from Anthony Dohrmann on Vimeo.