Las Cruces Medical Alert has arrived

Las Cruces Medical Alert

The Electronic Caregiver Company is proud to announce that we have launched in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Las Cruces Medical Alert has arrived! The Electronic Caregiver Company is a national company providing home safety and health management services. Our systems and customer service differ from other medical alert systems though. Consistently, by focusing on cutting edge technology, Electronic Caregiver systems offer unique features. Some of our features are actually designed to help our customers avoid medical incidents. Our services expand beyond simple medical alert and provide health management. Quality systems combined with quality customer service is what sets the Electronic Caregiver apart.

Five Reasons Not to Buy That System

First and foremost, there are some features that are found in just about every medical alert system you could purchase and they are standard features. Other systems give you the least amount of protection for the most amount of money. However, what sets Electronic Caregiver apart from the others is identifying and developing what we believe to be the most beneficial for our customers. Do not buy that other system if it does not have:

  1. Qualified operatorsanswering the phone when you push your help button
    Electronic Caregiver response operators are highly educated and trained in a variety of medical concerns. They are required to have at least 2 years of college education. In addition, they are the minimum of a licensed B-level Emergency Medical Technician.

  2. Available assistancefor non-emergency medical issues
    Electronic Caregiver have 24/7 non-emergency access to medical assistance and counsel should they experience discomfort, head, abdominal pain, trouble breathing, an allergic reaction or anything else that is concerning them.

OK, the operators sound good, what about the equipment?

  1. Daily pre-programmed medications and/or medical appointment reminders
    The Electronic Caregiver is programmed with the customer’s medication and/or medical test schedule. Gentle chime reminders are acknowledged by customers at the push of a button. Family members and/or neighbors on the contact list are notified if a scheduled task is missed.
  2. Safer, more discreet pendants
    The stylish and discreet wrist worn pendants provide one-touch access to emergency help. It looks like one of the latest fitness watches. This pendant is water submersible, enabling the user to wear it in the shower or bathtub. Our wrist pendant users don’t have to worry about taking on and off an uncomfortable, obvious necklace pendant.
  3. We know when our customers STOP MOVING!
    For the safety and welfare of our customers, the Electronic Caregiver includes an inactivity monitor. This feature monitors the environment five hours at a time, twice a day. If there is no movement detected within any period, alerts are sent out to those on the contact list. Consequently, considering the average time an independent senior lay on the floor before being discovered is 18 hours, Electronic Caregiver developed and included this most significant feature.

And...We will pay YOU to protect those you love!

Seriously, WHO does that? Who pays others to love others enough to get them protected? We do! That’s how important our mission is to us! We believe that Love Pays! Refer your neighbor, your loved one, a community member to be protected. When their system activates, we will send you a $50 VISA Gift Card. That's it. Yup. That's how it works! And together, we will protect the most vulnerable in your community or family!

Let's get together and talk about it!

Finally, here is the link to our website, our products, our contact information and our phone number. Research what you think would work best for you, or better yet, contact one of our Master Dealers for the Las Cruces area. They will be happy to set up an appointment with you for a no obligation, no cost safety check of your or your loved ones’ home. We will be happy to walk you through the entire process to make sure you receive exactly the system that fits all your needs! https:/
“Our mission is to preserve the independence and extend the life of the large population of people at risk of incident, incapacitation or death, due to the effects of physical challenges, disabilities, serious illness or aging. We empower seniors and those with serious health concerns with the ability to live at home. We also protect them from the often catastrophic consequences of unattended injuries.” – The Electronic Caregiver Company CEO Anthony Dohrmann