Love Pays at Electronic Caregiver

Love Pays at Electronic Caregiver in February

Ahhh…February, the month of Love and Love Pays at Electronic Caregiver. There have been so many attributes contributed to Love; it never envies, it never gives up, it never is rude, it is patient. These and more are true of love. And we would like to humbly add one more attribute to Love; it PROTECTS! Consequently, it cares for the most vulnerable, the weak and the weary. It surrounds fully and without reservation. And that is why, at Electronic Caregiver we created the Love Pays program. People love their family, friends, neighbors enough to refer those who need it for protection. It’s one of the most loving things a person can do for one who is weak, weary, elder. Love…it truly is the gift that keeps on giving. We LOVE that!

“We write our own chapters on love, it’s up to us how we turn these pages.” ,Anonymous. First of all, we at The Electronic Caregiver believe in the writing of our own chapters, and well into the later years of life at that! More than 80% of Senior Citizens surveyed said they wanted to age in their own homes. They still want to write their own chapters. We’ve choose to love them & help them do just that! Refer another for protection, and when that person activates a system, we will send you a VISA Gift Card as our way of saying thank you. We believe that Love Pays. Refer them today, love them & help them turn their pages, safely.

It Pays at Electronic Caregiver every month

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other”, Audrey Hepburn. Secondly, how can YOU help your parents, your Aunt and Uncle, your aging next-door neighbors to continue to hold onto each other? Love them. Love them enough to refer them for an Electronic Caregiver Health Management System. We can keep them on track with their meds, keep them protected in medical emergencies and keep them together for longer. Because love really isn’t love until you give it away right?

“Love begins by taking care of the closest ones - the ones at home.”, Mother Teresa Oh, how we subscribe to this wisdom from Mother Teresa! Home is definitely the first place love is experienced. As our family members, parents, grandparents grow older, they want to stay right there where it all began! Therefore, we help make that possible. From medication reminders to inactivity sensors, we keep the at-risk, aged and those recovering right where they want to be. Finally, whether it’s protecting the most vulnerable, maintaining independence, helping your parents in the next phase of their lives or simply loving someone at home well, we help make that possible. From medication reminders to inactivity sensors, we keep the at-risk, aged and those recovering right where they want to be, at home. And to those who refer our new customers, we are sending $50.00 VISA Gift Cards! It’s just our way of keeping the love going. At home.

Love continues at Electronic Caregiver every single day

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