Senior Citizens Need Anthony Dohrmann's Electronic Caregiver?

Lives of Independence and Dignity

Do Senior Citizens need Anthony Dohrmann's Electronic Caregiver? We think so. And we think President Reagan would have agreed! “Throughout our history, older people have achieved much for our families, our communities, and our country. That remains true today, and gives us ample reason this year to reserve a special day in honor of the senior citizens who mean so much to our land. With improved health care and more years of productivity, older citizens are reinforcing their historical roles as leaders and as links with our patrimony and sense of purpose as individuals and as a Nation. Many older people are embarking on second careers, giving younger Americans a fine example of responsibility, resourcefulness, competence, and determination. And more than 4.5 million senior citizens are serving as volunteers in various programs and projects that benefit every sector of society. Wherever the need exists, older people are making their presence felt -- for their own good and that of others. For all they have achieved throughout life and for all they continue to accomplish, we owe older citizens our thanks and a heartfelt salute. We can best demonstrate our gratitude and esteem by making sure that our communities are good places in which to mature and grow older -- places in which older people can participate to the fullest and can find the encouragement, acceptance, assistance, and services they need to continue to lead lives of independence and dignity." *Proclamation 5847 declaring August 21st as National Senior Citizen Day; signed by President Ronald Reagan

Senior Citizens need Anthony Dohrmann's Electronic Caregiver

Do Senior Citizens need Anthony Dohrmann's Electronic Caregiver as they age? Chuck Van Dam worked full-time until his 76th birthday, when, he decided it might be time for ‘younger’ ideas to take over. With only an 8th grade education, determination and constantly self-educating he pursued goals, impacted lives and made a difference. Most noteworthy, the day arrived wherein Chuck humbly stood before the United States Congress to receive an award as the top Civil Service Employee for all five branches of the service! “Treat all with respect, ask what you don’t know, pass along what you do and never judge a man by anything other than his action.” Well played Chuck, well played. Seniors are aging in place and contributing for as long as possible, and we are all the better for it!

Love Never Ages

“Wherever the need exists, older people are making their presence felt -- for their own good and that of others.” Proclamation 5847 In conclusion, did you know Senior Citizens are volunteering to be “Foster Grandparents”? All across the country, children are getting the experience and the influence of a Grandparent! These Seniors are giving their love, wisdom and attention to our most vulnerable children. As a result, we are steadily increasing the number of children who will perform better in schools. And as they age themselves, better in their communities. Amazing Seniors! Consequently, we’re proud to be helping them stay independent and giving to our most vulnerable children! The top priority for The Electronic Caregiver Company is to help as many Seniors as possible. Most of all, we want them to stay independent for as long as possible. Therefore, our medications reminders helps to keep them on track. Our inactivity monitor ensures they are never left alone from a fall without intervention. Our Telamed feature allows them to contact medical personnel for minor medical concerns. Additionally, our EMT-B operators are on stand-by 24/7 in cases of emergencies. We not only save lives that other systems can't, we help Senior Citizens maintain their active, independent lifestyles with a little added layer of security and peace of mind. Therefore it is our belief that yes, Senior Citizens need Anthony Dohrmann's Electronic Caregiver. They need it to help ensure they stay as active as possible, for as long as possible! Finally, we celebrate our Seniors! And we hope to positively impact their lives for years to come as they impact others "for the greater good".