She's There, I'm Here

Two worlds

She’s there, I’m here. She’s there, I’m at work. She’s there, I’m at school. She’s there, I’m not, and I feel bad. The guilt has just caught up to me and I’m putting my life on pause for my grandmother. She did the same for me when I was growing up. I wouldn’t be who I am without her. Now she’s here with me and things are not the same. My phone was always Facebook and Snapchat. Today, it’s calls to the doctor, finding my way to the hospital, and voicemails from the pharmacy. I’m supposed to do so much for my grandmother but I don’t know where to start. If anything, I should be asking that about my education, career, relationships, and my future, not so much hers.

She's there, I'm here

She’s my grandmother and I’m her granddaughter. Why is it suddenly the other way around? I don’t want this and I know she doesn’t want this, either. She's there, I'm here. She wants her life back and so do I. She wants to walk without having me in the same room. She wants to feel independent, not dependent. How can I give my grandmother the care she needs and still take care of myself? Well, the answer turns out to be surprisingly simple: with help.


I found help with The Electronic Caregiver. It’s more than just a medical emergency and health management system. The ECG is exactly what we both needed. My job is not to hover over my grandmother’s life, but to help her maintain her own life. This system reassures me that with her freedom, her body and health are still in good hands. Promoting wellness, extending lifespan, and ongoing safety in case of the unexpected is the most valued and memorable decision we made together to take care of each other. And finally, we are more comforted now knowing she’s protected. The ECG home care system reminds her to take her medication, makes sure she is active at home, and if anything happens, I know she won’t be all alone. As I continue to venture towards my future, I am here and she is there and The Electronic Caregiver confidently keeps us in the same picture. Learn more about what I got for my Grandma right here: