Why do you work for a medical alert company?

A Medical Alert Company Journey

A medical alert company? Really? I asked myself the same question when I first began this journey. It was a seemingly good opportunity to come on board with a fairly stable start-up company in the small city where I wanted to live. The interview went well I thought. They seemed like real people doing a real thing and believing in what they sell. When they offered me the job as a creative writer I was excited. So, I said yes and took that step into a totally unknown world. A world that would rock mine, more than once. First things first, learn the product. OK, so how hard could it be? This is one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up" thingies, right? They fall, they push a button, they get help. They're fine and the rest of us can quit being concerned about them, right? Like I said, how hard can it be?

What I Noticed First

I began to read the words PROTECTED, PEACE, SAFETY and AGE-IN-PLACE repeatedly. Daily I read our sales staff reports from out in the field. More often than not, they write about their most recent appointment. But they weren't reporting about how well they did, how much they upsold or how they were killing it in sales that month. They were consistently writing things like: "Monday Morning install complete and customer at ease. Mr. M lives alone and recently tripped over his poodle. The look of satisfaction on his face during our test call was amazing to see." And like this one: "Just sold a system to a caregiver friend for her mom who just had a double mastectomy surgery and is undergoing chemo treatment. Another life protected." So, this seemed different than what I expected from a medical alert company. As I began to become familiar with The Electronic Caregiver systems, the sales staff, the customer service representatives and even the innovation teams, it became apparent that I had much to learn.

The Electronic Caregiver in Real Life

When a Senior citizen, who is living alone, falls at home, the average time they spend lying on the floor before they are discovered is 18 hours. EIGHTEEN HOURS! What? That stat alone still sticks with me like a piece of news every person who loves a Senior should know! And I learned that the consequential medical issues that can develop, not necessarily from the fall but from the lying there, can be truly devastating. Too many Seniors who lay undiscovered for hours do not get to go back home. The medical issues they now face are too many to continue living independently. Those loved ones are placed into Assisted Living, and their counterparts who weren't the healthiest to begin with, sometimes don't even make it out of the hospital. Did you know that Falls is in the top 20 causes of death in the United States, especially in the 65+ age group? I know. I didn't either.

Falls Kill, We Save! Just ask Anthony Dohrmann from Anthony Dohrmann on Vimeo.

That's what makes the Electronic Caregiver Inactivity Monitor so vital! It monitors the environment and notifies the right connections if there is not movement within a specified number of hours. It's literally a life saver! That, along with the medications reminders and the Physicians on Demand service make this way more than one of those "can't get up" thingies! Who knew?

But What About the Company Itself?

But what about the company? What about the staff? What about the leadership? Well, I can tell you now, from experience, that these people are committed to changing the face of medical emergency response! These people have been doing deep dive research into falling, medications administration, prevention and interaction with Seniors. From fall screenings to in home safety checks, these staff members are serious, committed and enthusiastic about what they do to protect the most vulnerable. And I get to be a part of that! Everyday.

Perhaps the voice of those Seniors is the most impactful upon me as I hear their stories, read their comments, chat with them on the phone and listen to the Master Dealers who have become their friends. Stories like: "We took our Dad on vacation with us three weeks ago. On the first morning, we were traveling I received a call from Rapid Response telling us that there had not been any movement in our Dad's apartment that morning. They were wondering if we could go check on him or if they should call EMS. I smiled as I looked over at my Dad waiting to board our next flight. I've never been happier to have this system than today! Thank you!"

It's Just Business, or at Least How we do Business

Finally, after I became more familiar with the product, the care, the in-depth training and encouragement, I studied the business model. It answered the questions why we don't advertise on TV, or in the local newspapers. I was beginning to understand how, by partnering with those already caring for the elderly, like Doctors, Home Care Agencies, Audiologists etc., we were getting right into the journey of the Senior and adding an additional layer of protection to their lives! That's unheard of! That's not how those "I've fallen and can't get up" guys are doing it. They are the mass marketers of an archaic, outdated product. The stories I have read about their failure rates is abysmal, not to mention dangerous. Some of them even go after estates to get the balance of their contracted money. Are you kidding me? So, here I am. Creatively writing about the lives of some pretty amazing humans and a medical alert company. From the youngest innovations tech team member to the oldest Senior we protect, there is a myriad of color, humor, sadness, goodness and determination to make a positive impact. It's a pretty amazing picture from where I sit and I hope you've a tiny glimpse of it through these few words.

One Last Thought

I will leave you with this thought though: If you have a Senior in your life you love dearly and it's coming close to the time they might need some assistance, please, love them well enough to do your homework before jumping into an unforgiving contract with a company who only sees them as another monthly dollar. The Electronic Caregiver Company doesn't. And we never will. We save the lives other systems can't. Call us @ 1-800-Alarm-55