Our wrist pendant saves lives! We don’t have to write up a sales pitch, a convincing argument or a sales pressure piece about the Wrist Pendant in the Electronic Caregiver Emergency Medical System. This amazing piece of technology is working hard, this very minute, to ensure the safety of Seniors all across the USA. It's also providing comfort to those who love those Seniors, by just knowing their loved one can get help immediately if they need it. Immediately. We've decided to share our customers' own words and let this life saver speak for itself:

Wrist Pendant; because it will happen

"We are not ten foot tall and bullet proof, and it’s going to happen sooner or later." Linda is a survivor of medical emergency. She was received intervention after a 'trip' which left her unable to get up. Had she not had her Electronic Caregiver Wrist Pendant, she thinks she may have been alone in her injured state for days. Talk to any medical provider in your area and they will tell you that if attended to quickly, debilitating affects from falling can be avoided. Statistics prove that those who lay unattended for hours develop secondary issues that can lead to their loss of mobility, or the need to move them into a facility for intense care. It can even lead to their demise. We are happy Linda is not one of those statistics. "I slid down beside the dresser…and I tried for about an hour to get up. I got to a seating position and saw my wrist and thought 'now what have I got this thing for?' And I pushed it. And within ten minutes I had help. I was so happy…" Esther fell alone at home in her bedroom. She experienced disorientation when she tried to reposition herself to sit up. Although a bit confused, she instinctively knew she was in trouble. And then she saw her wrist pendant on her wrist, remembered why it was there, pushed it and within minutes, Linda was receiving the care she needed. We are honored we could help Esther and ecstatic that she recovered from her injuries quite well.

Wrist Pendant Gives Confidence; Never Alone

"I would say we are in denial when we get this age. We think we don't need that. But, it is a relief when you get one and you are aware of the fact that, no matter what happens, you have help available." Ruby. This Electronic Caregiver customer fully understands and appreciates the value in having a constant safeguard in place. She's experienced a few 'close calls' in her home while all alone so she decided she needed some kind of plan. She now tells anyone who will listen how her Electronic Caregiver System has brought her so much peace. It's our hope Ruby ages-in-place for years to come!

No movement causes action

"This past week, we took my father with us to Phoenix, AZ. I did not even think about the Electronic Caregiver until I received a phone call that there had not been movement in my father’s room! It is such a comfort knowing there is that added layer of care for my father! Thank you for providing this service!” Joyce Joyce purchased Electronic Caregiver System for her Father. Once it was up and running and a normal part of their lives, she didn't think much of it again. When she took her Dad out of town, it never dawned on her to call us. But we sure called her! When our inactivity monitor didn't register any movement in her Fathers room, we called her to let her know of our concern. She doesn't take for granted the protection she has purchased for her Dad anymore, that's for sure. And, guess his wrist pendant was comfy, because he even

Did you know that the average time an unattended Senior citizen was on the floor in 2015 before receiving the intervention they so desperately needed was eighteen hours? EIGHTTEEN HOURS! Also in 2015, when surveyed, over 70% of Seniors stated very clearly they wanted to age-in-place, at home, in their own surroundings. And do you blame them? We don't either!

This Wrist Pendant Saves Lives?

We're telling you; this wrist pendant saves lives! Think of it as a piece of technology, fashioned like a watch, that will connect your loved one to the top emergency response center in the entire nation...because it does! The person who answers the call will stay on the line with your loved one until they receive confirmation that there is an emergency responder attending to the situation. Your loved one will NOT be alone in this stressful and fearful moment. And that in itself is worth more than anything. Don't you think? Yes, the inventor of this advanced technological system thought so too. Still does. Because at Electronic Caregiver...we have parents too. That's one of the many reasons this system was designed to save lives that other systems can't!

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