You want me to buy a WHAT?

A Boomers Perspective

Foremost, we don't want to talk about it…those home medical alert systems. You know WHY we don't want to talk about it? Because it screams directly in our face that we are getting older. Us. Yeah, older. Like…Mom and Dad older. And now...You want me to buy a WHAT? We are NOT aging, we are getting better! Right? Right!

You want me to buy a WHAT?

We decided somewhere under the wrinkling and the hair loss, that we aren't getting on in our years, and that

we don't need any help thank-you-very-much. We got this! Of course!

I mean, we are the generation that went from rotary phones to cell phones , to now, technologically advanced

medical alert systems!

Our generation presented The Beatles to the world, went to Woodstock AND invented the internet!

There has been more technology invented since we've been around than at any other time in the world's history!

We've rocked it! Right? Right!

Consequentially, maybe it's our time now?

We did woodstock but we won't do this?

Since that's our legacy, maybe it's time we start thinking about how all that technology can be there for us NOW and down the road. Maybe, since we've always been the generation that thought forward, asked 'what if' and 'why not', just maybe, THIS time is FOR us?
Furthermore, the Electronic Caregiver offers medical alert systems that use amazing technology to keep us connected to those we need in case that emergency does happen, and when we least expect it. And if you're still pro-active, you may be getting those knees replaced or that hip surgery. Wouldn’t it be comforting to know that if something didn't go right once you got home, you could simply press the button on the wristband and you wouldn’t be alone? We thought so too. As a result, we created this advanced, user friendly system.

Don't be a baby!

Dude! Don't be a baby! Check it out!

The Electronic Caregiver Company has a website for their crazy good Medical Alert Systems: or you can call them @ 855-305-5104

Because as often as we challenged what was, hollered about what might be and worked our entire lives to make the future better, therefore, we shouldn’t stop now. Even if we don't want to talk about it!

Call them. NO rip-off here! It's just good quality protection that's affordable. It's the real deal. Lastly, it provides what so many of us are looking for now; peace.

You want me to buy a WHAT? And have peace of mind?