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Discover the transformative power of CareAware, the leading Wi-Fi Sensing solution from Cognitive Systems, now seamlessly integrated with Electronic Caregiver’s cutting-edge platforms. Elevate the caregiving experience and enable seniors to live independently with dignity and security. Pre-order now and enjoy an exclusive 20% discount!

Why Choose CareAware?

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly integrates with existing Electronic Caregiver systems, enhancing capabilities without replacing what you already trust.

Privacy First

Monitor activities without cameras, ensuring privacy and respect for independence.

Proactive Health Monitoring

Stay ahead of wellness changes with actionable insights into sleep patterns, activity levels, and more, all delivered through a discreet, non-intrusive system.

Advanced Features for Comprehensive Care

Customizable Alerts

Keep informed with real-time notifications about unexpected behaviors or emergencies, helping you react swiftly and effectively.

Comprehensive Sleep Monitoring

Gain valuable insights into sleep quality and patterns, ensuring optimal health and well-being.

Activity Tracking

Understand daily routines better with non-invasive tracking that respects the sanctity of the home environment.

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Pre-order CareAware today to transform how you care for your loved ones. With installation as simple as plugging in a device, you can achieve instant peace of mind and a new level of caregiving support. Please fill out our form to learn more about how we’re making independent living safer and more comfortable for everyone.

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