Caregiver Relief

Supporting All Types of Caregivers

Electronic Caregiver provides support and solutions for the millions of caregivers across the U.S. Whether you are a family caregiver or a professional one, our advanced health technology can lend a helping hand. We are there to offer support 24/7 and are always ready to send help your way when and where you need caregiver relief.

Ultimate Caregiver Support

Addison can provide caregivers with education and help you free up time, so you don’t end up feeling isolated or overwhelmed.

Chronic Care Management

Get on-demand, around-the-clock support for caregivers. Keep informed of critical medical events and be notified of emergencies right away.

Adult Living Communities

See communal residents thrive while reassuring their loved ones. Experience improved outcomes with happier, healthier, safer residents.


Health Monitoring

Our health systems have vitals monitoring capabilities allowing your loved one to take their vitals from the comfort of their home. Their entire care circle, along with the patient, can access real-time results and view their vitals, trends, and history.

Filling in the Gaps for Caregivers

We keep caregivers informed in real-time, and most importantly give them peace of mind. By offering another layer of protection, family caregivers can continue to work and support themselves and their own health while still having a watchful eye on their loved ones. Professional caregivers can still provide assistance in between their visits. We help everyone!

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