Community Outreach

Electronic Caregiver Plays an Active Role in Communities

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals live safe, healthy, high-quality lives

Falling in line with our mission to help individuals live safe, healthy, high-quality lives, we at Electronic Caregiver believe that by participating in activities and efforts that bring about positive change, we are addressing the individual holistically and being part of the solution for their holistic needs. Some of the organizations Electronic Caregiver is involved with include the Alzheimer’s Association, Casa de Peregrinos Food Program, the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, the ALS Association, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, and the Borderplex Alliance.

Electronic Caregiver offers a “No Work for Charity” program.

Electronic Caregiver encourages its employees and Connected Care Partners to get involved in these efforts with the hope that it will result in meaningful, engaging experiences that will result in a stronger bond with the communities they serve. In addition to our company’s work with community organizations, Electronic Caregiver offers a “No Work for Charity” program, in which employees receive pay for 40 hours of time off per calendar year for honorable charity time and missionary work. The program focuses on stewardship and generosity and the idea that giving time positively impacts the lives of both the giver and receiver. Outside of the office, our Connected Care Partners are also making a difference in their communities through food donations and event participation. We encourage you to learn about our volunteer work and community involvement and stay tuned for more projects in the works!

Our Community Involvement