Community Outreach

Electronic Caregiver Plays an Active Role in Communities

Our Mission

Our mission is to help individuals live safe, healthy, high-quality lives

Falling in line with our mission to help individuals live safe, healthy, high-quality lives, Electronic Caregiver believes it is important to make an impact in the community. We do this by supporting and partnering with various organizations, as well as providing opportunities for our employees to get involved in activities aimed at effecting positive change. This allows us to be a bigger part of the solution and address the holistic needs of those we serve.

From sponsorships to volunteer efforts, Electronic Caregiver has been involved with prestigious organizations such as New Mexico State University, the Alzheimer’s Association, Casa de Peregrinos Food Program, the Community Foundation of Southern New Mexico, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce, and many more.

Our Community Involvement

Electronic Caregiver offers a “No Work for Charity” program.

We encourage our employees to get involved in volunteer efforts with the hope that it will result in meaningful, engaging experiences within their community. Electronic Caregiver sets itself apart by offering a “No Work for Charity” program. Through this program, employees receive 40 hours of paid time off per calendar year for honorable charity time and missionary work. Electronic Caregiver makes it easy for employees to find ways to use their volunteer hours through its company-led Volunteer Committee. The Committee partners with various nonprofit organizations to regularly offer volunteer opportunities throughout the year.