Better Health for Business & Employee Care

Electronic Caregiver services are an effective employee benefit to provide or subsidize. At least 133M Americans live with one or more chronic conditions. Globally, 1 in 3 live with multiple chronic conditions. Chronic disease is in your workplace. So are caregivers. AARP and Forbes have both reported up to $32B in annual lost production due to employees suffering caregiver disruptions back home. Over $21B in annual losses are suffered by employers due to influenza alone, just one infectious disease. Having effective early identification, monitoring and controls for infectious disease can boost profitability, as well as supporting workers with chronic conditions and those doing double duty providing caregiving for a loved one.

Pro Health

Offering a Pro Health System to all of your employees as an added health benefit can keep your business running efficiently. Not only are you taking care of your employees’ health but helping them stay proactive with the most advanced health technology. This can reduce operating costs through fewer sick days and unexpected health disruptions.

Protector Initiative

The Protector Initiative can offer you control and peace of mind during flu seasons and even the next pandemic. Electronic Caregiver empowers a wide range of industries, including corporate, travel, hospitality, education, and healthcare with effective infectious disease protection methods.

Working Caregivers

Peace of mind doesn’t come easy to caregivers who work and care for a loved one all at once. After years of offering the tools needed to balance daily life and caregiving, we have come to understand how to fill in the gaps and provide the best support for those who need it.

Benefits to Transform Your Company

Let us help you find the best solution for the health of your company and employees. Our products and services can be personalized to meet your needs.