Go Ye Village and Electronic Caregiver’s Partnership

Dec 1, 2021

Go Ye Village, a senior living community in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, has relied on Electronic Caregiver technology for nearly a decade.

The Journey Begins

Campus of Go Ye Village


The community’s journey with Electronic Caregiver began with Tony Ward, Campus Director of Operations and Independent Living. He decided to bring Electronic Caregiver to Go Ye Village after purchasing the company’s medical alert device for his mother-in-law, Esther Stallings. This was the beginning of Go Ye Village and Electronic Caregiver’s partnership.

Esther’s Options

Around 2012, Esther, then a resident of Go Ye Village, needed to replace her old personal emergency response system (PERS). The company she previously bought her PERS device from had gone out of business. So, her family started looking for a new system. That’s when Tony came across a brochure for Electronic Caregiver, a health technology and services company. Electronic Caregiver offers medical alert devices and other digital healthcare solutions. Electronic Caregiver helps protect residents of assisted or independent living facilities across the country. Our company’s advanced technology gives residents a sense of confidence and independence. Furthermore, family members and staff feel at ease knowing residents can get emergency assistance at the touch of a button.

Tony contacted local Electronic Caregiver representative Michael Tharp to learn more and was impressed by the company’s products and services. Ultimately, Tony’s family decided Electronic Caregiver’s Premier was the best option for Esther. The Premier offers fall detection and 24/7 emergency response at the touch of a button. Equipped with GPS and Cellular Based Location services, first responders can quickly locate a client. The Premier also includes physician-on-demand services and medication reminders. Additionally, the Premier helps caregivers and family members stay connected, notifying them if an emergency occurs.

Tony’s family realized how valuable Electronic Caregiver’s system was when Esther had to activate it one night. The incident occurred while the family was out of town. “We got a call from the operator who told us she had had an accident in her room. She had fallen, and emergency personnel was on their way,” Tony said. “We got there and met them at the hospital. So, it became a very personal thing for us through her accident.”

All Our Residents Should Have One!

laughing residents at go ye

Consequently, Tony’s family decided Electronic Caregiver’s technology was protection all residents at Go Ye Village should have. “I contacted Michael Tharp. He came out, showed us the program, signed a few people up, and then we’ve just gone from there. So now, we’re campus-wide with Electronic Caregiver,” Tony said. Currently, about 40 out of the 179 independent living residents at Go Ye Village are using Electronic Caregiver’s Premier. But that number is expected to grow. “We have a program called Independents Plus, which is a step between independent living and assisted living. Part of the fee includes the Electronic Caregiver,” Tony said. “So, we have 14 residents who we provide it for. Their families are very thrilled that their loved one has this protection. So, it’s worked out great for us, and we just keep adding all the time.”

Electronic Caregiver is a perfect fit for the residents of Go Ye Village. The community offers independent living, assisted living, and long-term and memory care. However, most of the community’s residents live independently in an apartment or patio home on campus. “That’s why we encourage them to have the Electronic Caregiver,” Tony said. “Many of them are alone and tend to have falls – especially at night.”

Protected because of Go Ye Village and Electronic Caregiver’s Partnership

Tony said residents with Electronic Caregiver’s Premier like having the extra protection and use it “all the time.” For example, one resident is a wanderer and often loses her way. “She gets outside, then gets lost and can’t get back in, and she will press her call button,” he said. “Of course, with the GPS, we can locate her and get her back in the building.”

Moreover, other residents have had to use the Premier to call for help after falling during the night. “We only have one security person on duty at night,” Tony said. “With Electronic Caregiver, residents can press that pendant, or the fall detection operates. Then, they’re talking to an operator until we can get somebody to the room or get emergency personnel there.”

In summary, the residents of Go Ye Village, who have the Premier system, love it, Tony said. “I have one lady, who occasionally, just because she wants to talk to somebody, will press her pendant. She will just talk to the operator,” he said.

Above all, Tony said that Electronic Caregiver offers the best value for the money. “From what I’ve seen, it’s the most reliable, and it’s the fastest response time,” he said. “For the price that the resident pays and all the features it offers, there’s none that can beat it.

Emergencies Happen

Tony added that he believes Electronic Caregiver offers the best emergency program out there today. “I’ve looked at a lot of them since we do it campus-wide, and this is the best one I’ve found. I love the customer service,” he said. “If we ever have an issue or anything, they’re always right on it. And of course, with Michael Tharp, our representative in the field, he’s wonderful. He’s in contact with us all the time, and he’s on campus several times. So, I just think it’s the best there is right now.”

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