An Unexpected Transformational Force in the Health Tech Arena

Feb 24, 2023

Electronic Caregiver is making a big impact in the world of health care and smart home technology. The national digital health company, founded in 2009, has come a long way from its humble beginnings. This is thanks to a dream CEO and founder Anthony Dohrmann had to create a Virtual Caregiver that would seamlessly connect the patient with primary care, emergency response, friends, and family.

Growing The Health Tech Company

His perseverance to develop a Virtual Caregiver, named Addison, has led the company into new and unexpected territory in health technology over the years. In the fall of 2021, Electronic Caregiver expanded to create a new line of business – a Clinical Triage and Telehealth Services Center. This is in addition to its already successful digital health products. The Center provides patient enrollment, health coaching, and care coordination services for clients. During this time, the company made big strides, doubling its workforce, and using grant money to assist in hiring hundreds of new employees.

Then, in the summer of 2022, Electronic Caregiver bought Las Cruces, New Mexico’s tallest building. The 10-story tower is where the company’s offices had been headquartered for the past five years, and where employees already occupied more than half of the building. That same year, the company accomplished another feat, ranking No. 968 in the Inc. 5000’s annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Launching The Virtual Caregiver

Not long after that, in the winter of 2022, Dohrmann’s dream became a reality with the official launch of Addison Care, a living avatar designed to assist the aging and chronically ill in monitoring their health while providing a fun and engaging experience. Clients can interact with Addison through voice or touch via a Lenovo computer or tablet in their home, forming a relationship with the Virtual Caregiver and her surroundings.

“Addison is the most transformational and engaging interface for human interaction with technology ever created,” Dohrmann said. “For years consumers have wondered what Siri and Alexa might look like behind the voice. Addison adds far more than a mere face and body to the voice. The Virtual Caregiver provides a dynamic, ever-changing, emotionally stimulating, personalized experience to the user. In the end, Addison can educate, demonstrate, inquire, and connect.”

With the launch of Addison, Electronic Caregiver has pushed health care beyond the everyday health tech app, offering a world of experience, a world of connectivity, and a world of benefits. The Virtual Caregiver can remind users to take prescribed medications, conduct interactive health assessments, deliver dosing compliance verification to caregivers and providers, and assist patients in recording vital sign measurements to monitor specific conditions. Furthermore, Addison tracks medication adherence and vital sign trends over time, allowing clients, their caregivers, and providers to catch any escalations before they become problematic. Lastly, the Virtual Caregiver connects users with emergency services, telehealth services, and Care Coaching.

Health Tech at Work

Addison keeps clients engaged and excited with the ability to mirror the time of day, weather, holiday celebrations, and faith. With this, users can personalize environments, gender, ethnicity, decor, locations, apparel, and language, as well as interact with objects, animals, musical instruments, media, and characters in Addison’s world.

While the company has come a long way in developing Addison, more plans for more health tech are in the works. The Virtual Caregiver will continually evolve and will soon incorporate physical therapy and mental health routines, video televisits with health care professionals. In addition, third-party service integrations for grocery delivery, ride share, and connected home solutions. Additionally, clinical Addison configurations are being created for bedside patient management in hospitals, including intake and discharge processes.

“Electronic Caregiver’s primary focus is to increase patient engagement, oversight, and adherence, to early-identify changes in health status, and to empower care teams to transform real-time actionable data into faster, more informed interventions to personalize treatment directives on an individual basis,” Dohrmann said in an article published by

Solutions For Everyone

Alongside Addison, Electronic Caregiver continues to provide clients with cutting-edge care management products that led the business to where it is today with health tech. The company offers remote patient monitoring with its Pro Health. The Pro Health is a smart health hub providing 24/7 vitals monitoring, emergency response, medication reminders, and clinical care support. All this to improve treatment adherence and deliver early identification to providers. Additionally, the Premier, a pocket smart device and emergency wrist pendant offers emergency protection and telehealth on the go.

“Electronic Caregiver is rapidly becoming the preferred Connected Care brand with the capability to overcome doctor and nurse shortages, while offering ongoing chronic care support to the 1 in 3 worldwide living with multiple chronic conditions,” Dohrmann said. “For the aging, the ill, and the caregiver, Electronic Caregiver is the most capable full-service provider of TeleCare available today.”