Current Readmission Penalties Can Prove to be Costly

The leading cause of setbacks upon discharge from a hospital is non-compliance with treatment plans. Electronic Caregiver can assist your patients to stay in compliance. With medication reminders and 24/7 medical consultations on the Pro Health system, we can identify issues before they turn into readmissions.

Improved outcomes, extended functional independence

We’re patient-centric, dramatically increasing engagement, adherence, and oversight. With medication management support, automated and live TeleCare interactive assessments, and remote vitals monitoring we improve coordination and outcomes. Through the reimbursable services of remote patient monitoring and chronic care management, patients and doctors can make faster, more accurate decisions for care and treatment.

Until now, when your patient left your care at the hospital, their risk increased

Your patients can now take Electronic Caregiver home at discharge from the hospital. Protections include activity monitoring, non-emergency medical assistance, and expedited response in cases of emergency. They also have access to walk through care plans with staff in our TeleCare Center.

Improved Care. Add Value. Gain Insight.

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