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ECG and AWS have a long-term working relationship. ECG’s cloud-based platform-as-a-service (PaaS) – ADDI – has successfully completed AWS’s Foundational Technical Review (FTR). ECG is a validated SW partner with AWS and ECG is a graduate of AWS’s accelerated partnership development program. ECG and AWS are collaborating on significant data infrastructure, data analytics, and generative AI initiatives across ADDI as well as Addison Care, ECG’s virtual caregiver. In 2024, ECG’s solutions are available through AWS Marketplace

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ECG and Google are collaborating to bring artificial intelligence (AI) into ECG’s clinical triage center. By leveraging contact center AI for agent assist, notes transcription, and automating QA, these efforts are streamlining redundant work, reducing costs, and enhancing quality standards across the care team.  

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ECG deploys Sensory’s on-edge artificial intelligence for natural language processing and key word recognition to facilitate responsive, private, and secure conversations with ECG’s technologies.

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ECG and Intel conducted 6+ years of R&D on the use of computer vision and the development of machine learning algorithms to identify risk of falls, measure gait, and evaluate changes in the health status of patients interacting with ECG’s Addison Care solution.  


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Mena Medical Associates

Family Medical Clinic of Crystal Springs

Schreiber Family Medicine

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Jordan River Group

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Hope Hospice

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Arete Family Care

Family Practice Associates of Taos

Premier Medical Group of Mississippi

As a healthcare provider, partnering with ECG for CCM/RPM services has been an absolute game-changer for our practice. ECG’s approach to patient care is not only flexible and accommodating but also deeply rooted in prioritizing the well-being of each individual.

What truly stands out about ECG is their willingness to listen and take feedback onboard. This collaborative approach ensures that the services they provide are constantly refined and optimized to meet the unique needs of our patients and practice. Their commitment to incorporating patient input has resulted in a level of care that goes above and beyond expectations.

Furthermore, ECG’s dedication to leveraging technology in healthcare has streamlined our operations and enhanced patient outcomes. Their remote monitoring solutions have enabled us to stay connected with our patients outside of traditional office visits, allowing for proactive management of chronic conditions and early intervention when needed.

Overall, partnering with ECG for CCM/RPM services has not only improved the quality of care we’re able to offer but has also strengthened the bond between our practice and our patients. Their patient-centric approach aligns perfectly with our values, making them an invaluable asset to our team.

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– Cindy Alkire, MHA, BSN, RN