Can you use pocketMD Telehealth during a Pandemic?

Maste Care Partner talks about pocketMD telehealth

Concerns about health amidst a pandemic

With the coronavirus outbreak changing everyday life for people worldwide, Cheryl Wilson, 60, a resident of St. Louis, Missouri, has concerns about her health. “Right now, the coronavirus is rampant in my area and the schools have shut down. The churches have shut down. The nursing homes are all on lockdown and so it’s very hard,” Wilson said. “They’re telling people right now that we really need, as much as possible, to isolate in place and not to be in groups. Furthermore, this has been going on now for the past week and it seems like each day it’s getting worse.”

The pandemic has made it difficult for many people, especially the elderly and chronically ill, to get the proper care they need. Wilson said she now feels protected knowing that she can connect with a physician at the touch of a button through pocketMD telehealth from the comfort of her own home. Wilson is an independent Master Care Partner for, and client of, Electronic Caregiver®.  Electronic Caregiver Inc. a New Mexico-based virtual care and health technology company, offers its products and services nationwide. Cheryl subscribes to Electronic Caregiver’s Premier system, a 24/7 mobile security and care support system. The premier system includes pocketMD telehealth and other features like emergency response, activity monitoring, care plan reminders, and geolocation.

Push a button and receive medical advice

Wilson recently used pocketMD via her Premier for the first time from home after coming down with a bad cough. She didn’t want to risk going to the doctor’s office, where she could get exposed to, or potentially spread, the coronavirus. Hence, Cheryl pushed the button on her Premier controller to connect with pocketMD telehealth instead. She literally pushed a button and received medical advice. Consequently, a physician-on-demand facilitator was able to put her in touch with a doctor within 30 minutes.

“(The doctor) did an assessment. He ordered my medication. From the time I hit my pocketMD (button) until I had my medication totaled probably 90 minutes,” Wilson said. “I never had to go out and be exposed to possible viruses or anything. It was exactly what I needed. And, within the next couple of days, I felt great.” Wilson said she appreciates the convenience of pocketMD, which does not require health insurance to use because it is covered by Electronic Caregiver’s Premier monthly subscription fee.

“It was very easy and it just gives me a sense of security to know that if I need a doctor that I don’t have to leave home,” she said. “I can have the services come right to me. As a result, I get the same care I would as if I was sitting in an urgent care or an emergency room.”

pocketMD Telehealth is Not Only for Physical Symptoms

pocketMD connects clients with a licensed physician via phone or web conference call. pocketMD can also be used to connect with a psychologist, a pharmacist, or a dentist. Additionally, customers can contact dietitians, sports medicine specialists, and even alternative medicine specialists. For full family health, pediatricians and ophthalmologists are available. Clients can add household members to this telehealth service at no additional cost.

For information about Electronic Caregiver’s Premier, pocketMD telehealth and other remote patient monitoring technology, call 833-ECG-LIFE (833-324-5433) or visit

Protect your family today. Above all else, stay well and stay safe.