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Electronic Caregiver Corporate Overview
Stephanie Guadian - Director of Communications and Public Relations Alexia Severson - Communications Specialist

Stephanie Guadian

Director of Communications and Public Relations

Alexia Severson

Communications Specialist

Premier System

Premier System

24/7 Mobile Security and Care Support System

Pro Health System

Pro Health System

24/7 Chronic Care and Monitoring System

Addison System

Virtual Caregiving

Addison System

Meet Addison, the Virtual Caregiver™ developed by Electronic Caregiver®. She has a face, body, and endearing personality. Appearing on touch screens, Addison provides affordable, comprehensive health monitoring and wellness support at home. If you speak and answer basic questions, Addison does the rest. She can remind you to follow through on nutrition plans, take medication, check vitals, answer questions, connect you with a medical professional at any time, help during emergencies, and so much more.

The U.S. Census Bureau projects there will be more older adults than kids in 2034.

The so-called “Greying of America” leads to questions such as, “Who will provide in-home care for the explosive growth in the aging population?” and “Who will pay for it?”

“Ten thousand people turn 65 every day, and of the people needing home health care, only about 3 percent can afford it,” Electronic Caregiver® CEO Anthony Dohrmann said.

To fill this need, Electronic Caregiver®, a health and safety monitoring company, has spent millions of dollars developing Addison, the Virtual Caregiver™.

Addison has a face, body, and endearing personality. She is voice and touch-activated – appearing on screens placed strategically throughout a patient’s home.

Addison is designed to provide affordable, comprehensive health monitoring and wellness support at home. If you speak and answer basic questions, Addison does the rest. She can remind you to follow through on nutrition plans, take medication, check vitals, answer questions, connect you with a medical professional at any time, help during emergencies, and so much more.

Addison is designed to fill in the gaps when caregivers are not in a person’s home. She appears in interactive environments that develop over time and target a person’s needs.

For example, if someone is managing a chronic illness, Addison packages can be equipped with wireless devices such as a weight scale, non-contact thermometer, glucose meter, blood pressure cuff, or pulse oximeter. Addison will remind you it is time to check a vital, show you how to use a device, and send the results to your doctor.

Addison can also alert users at the first sign of change in gait. She will see, assess, and give feedback to reduce fall risk and proactively prevent accidents.

Addison, the Virtual Caregiver™, will never replace the human touch, but will help create a reality where seniors feel empowered to stay in their homes.

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Anthony Dohrmann, CEO


Joseph Baffoe, President


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Press Releases

Anthony Dohrmann - CEO

Anthony Dohrmann – CEO

The founder and CEO of LaserShield Security Systems and Electronic Caregiver, Inc. Since 2009, Anthony has funded over $20M in research and development to design AI-based, conversational, AR-enabled, automated home care and monitoring systems. He has invented service products in health care, security, and business development. He has experience developing consumer electronics requiring regulatory certifications, layered electronics, engineering of PCBs and firmware. His experience also includes injection molding, packaging and design, patent protection, mass production, supply chain, and fulfillment systems.

Anthony Dohrmann’s latest venture is Electronic Caregiver. The Premier Series, a technologically advanced system, includes reminders to take medication, voice reminders of upcoming appointments, protection from falls, activity confirmations, and must-have GPS. Additionally, the Pro Health system offers glucose, weight, oxygen, blood pressure, and temperature monitoring. Consequentially, Electronic Caregiver is pushing through the current standard of the older, less efficient, antiquated models in the industry. The ECG systems far outweigh, outlast, and out-feature anything available on the market in 2019.

Anthony has now also created an entire innovation and development team invested into the creation of Addison Care, an AI-based Virtual Reality Caregiver which will supplement in-home care. Addison Care surpasses any available technology in helping the senior population age in place longer and more safely than ever before. The impact of Addison Care to the healthcare and home health industries is anticipated to be nothing short of transformative.

Dohrmann’s company has activated tens of thousands of monitored subscribers on various plans and offers the comprehensive PERS system, and a telemedicine plan wherein consumers can access a board-certified physician 24/7 from the comfort of their homes.

All of Electronic Caregiver’s 24/7 monitoring stations are located within the continental U.S. Emergency service representatives answering calls for help are educated in interventions and actions pertaining to healthcare. Customer service representatives answering inquiry calls about the products are real people in real time and available 24/7.

It is Anthony Dohrmann’s modus operandi that quality customer service replaces the need for requiring customer contracts. “We won’t hold our customers hostage. If we can’t keep them with our quality customer services, they should be free to go elsewhere, because quality is what they deserve.”

Anthony’s vision is to protect millions of individuals across the United States who may be at risk of losing their independence. From children with special needs to college students in the dorms, from active adults to those who are limited in their activity levels, Electronic Caregiver, Inc., reaches out to protect health, independence, and, most of all, dignity.

Electronic Caregiver’s offices are in downtown Las Cruces, New Mexico, on the tenth and ninth floors of the Electronic Caregiver Tower. Dohrmann currently employs more than 100 staff, including a substantial innovation and tech team working diligently on Addison Care, the world’s first in-home virtual caregiver. To date, his company has impacted the Southwestern New Mexico economy through ongoing partnerships with New Mexico State University, as well as hiring multiple NMSU graduates to work on his innovation and design teams.

Anthony is also husband to Ingrid, the father of 5, an entrepreneur, a pilot, an author, a church lay-person, and a lover of all things tech.

Joseph Baffoe - President

Joseph Baffoe – President

A 33-year industry veteran who has worked at some of the most prestigious firms on Wall Street. He has spent his last 22 years in investment banking funding public and private companies and has participated in over $4,000,000,000 of financing. Joe has personally raised over $250,000,000 throughout his career.

Joe’s clients have had the chance to invest alongside Tier 1 underwriters, institutional investors and family offices, several of whom are in the Forbes 400. The portfolio companies Joe has funded are at the forefront of cancer research, computer systems, new drug discovery, identity authentication, and now automated home health care, AI, Ambient Augmented Reality, Machine learning, and VR systems.

Joe’s company was retained to conduct institutional due diligence on Electronic Caregiver’s business plan, current state of development, IP, and go-forward strategy. It was at this time that the CEO of ECG asked Joe to join full time and he left his 33-year investment career to join ECG.
Since Joe took over as the President of ECG, the company’s ability to raise the necessary capital to execute our business plan has increased exponentially.

Joe is leading the effort for the continued successful funding of ECG, which includes potential strategic partnerships/Investments, acquisition, and ultimately a successful IPO.

Quotes from Industry Leaders

Alicia Mangram, MD, FACS, CEO, G60 Trauma Through its technology, Addison has the ability to meet the needs of patients and caregivers (family members). From vital signs monitoring, to medication reminders, and 24/7 accessibility to healthcare professionals, Addison can potentially encourage treatment compliance, relieve caregivers from non-physical care needs (which in turn may reduce caregiver stress), ensure patient safety in the home, and much more. Healthcare professionals can also benefit through Addison’s technology, as it can potentially aide them in improving patient care, by alerting primary physicians of abnormal health status in a timely manner and allowing them to identify potential health-related conditions at early stages. – Alicia Mangram, MD, FACS, CEO, G60 Trauma
Electronic Caregiver® and their products are proven to reduce hospital re-admissions and, further expanded, can save billions of healthcare dollars for Medicare and private insurance, as well as penalties for hospitals. The Addison Care solution will further enhance transitional and homecare services and improve patient outcomes. As a Chairman of the Board of a major hospital, I have confidence and great hope in these solutions for the future of care. – Prasad Podila, MD, FACP, AGAF Chairman, Memorial Medical Center Prasad Podila, MD, FACP, AGAF Chairman, Memorial Medical Center
James K. Dzandu, Ph.D., Research Manager, HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center As a research scientist, I am excited to begin the official clinical trials with Electronic Caregiver® and Addison Care. I anticipate a very positive impact on treatment adherence and patient outcomes, as well as improving health and reducing the stress of family caregivers. We will be observing the effects on both categories of participants. – James K. Dzandu, Ph.D., Research Manager, HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center
If you are looking for a solution that shatters the status quo of in-home healthcare services, look no further than ECG’s Addison Care™. The team at ECG has created an integrated AI solution that is leading the way to improve the lives of our nation’s caregivers, the family members/patients they serve and doing so with dramatic cost savings within our nation’s healthcare system. – John L. Hummer, President, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine John L. Hummer, President, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine
Jeff Oldroyd, CEO, Zia Healthcare Services, Inc As the CEO of Zia Healthcare Services, LLC, I have seen incredible patient engagement using Electronic Caregiver’s Pro Health system. Over a test trial of 90 days, monitoring 50 patients at the beginning of the case study and 300 patients by the end, we were able to divert seven patients from admission to the hospital. Six of those were directly related to what we monitored; one was indirectly related to what was monitored. They had an infection that would have put the patient in the hospital. The physician was able to address the infection and keep the patient at home. We estimate a savings of just over $300,000 to Medicare.

It is amazing what we now have for technology and the impact of the services that we are providing to patients. Even more exciting is Addison and how she can revolutionize healthcare within the home. Not only does she have incredible applications in healthcare, but in so many different industries. I look forward to working with Addison in the near future and ECG’s team of professionals. – Jeff Oldroyd, CEO, Zia Healthcare Services, Inc

Quotes from Our Leadership

Virtual Care innovation will transform healthcare on a global scale. Innovators need to be compassionately focused on patient centricity and optimizing coordination between patient, provider and family. It’s proven time and again that support needs to be focused in the home, the origin of where good and bad habits form, where lack of support leads to non-adherence and health complications, and where positive lifestyle choices need to be encouraged. The home is also where incremental changes in health status can be identified to enhance care plans, and where the performance of treatment protocols can be measured. – Anthony Dohrmann,CEO

Electronic Caregiver started ten years ago with a mission to provide real-time data and alerts for individuals and their loved ones to allow them to thrive in their own homes. ECG continues to be at the forefront in providing innovative solutions that allow people to safely remain in their homes where they universally prefer to stay. – Joseph Baffoe, President of Electronic Caregiver

Quotes from Staff

I love my job and the success I see around me at Electronic Caregiver. I am most happy when our partners are successful because that tells me that they are getting the support from us that they need from us here at corporate. – Amber Ochoa, Care Partner Coordinator


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