Senior Living

Connected Care in Your Senior Living Community

Virtual Connected Care can transform the way your community operates. Personalized support for better outcomes improves quality of life, care plan adherence, and communication with your residents’ care circle. This makes for a longer-lasting, happier, and more satisfied senior living community.

24/7 Emergency Response

24/7 Virtual Primary Care

24/7 Effective Care Plan Management

Improved Adherence & Health Outcomes

Infectious Disease Monitoring and Management

Resident Retention & Enhanced Satisfaction

Your Residents Will Feel More Secure with Connected Care

For senior living providers who want to reduce liabilities, see residents thrive, reassure loved ones, and experience improved outcomes with happier, healthier, and safer residents, there is no better solution for resident care than Electronic Caregiver connected care technologies.

Looking Forward

As your partner, we focus on making the day-to-day simple and streamlined using our proven security and care enhancement methods. Those in your market will be assured knowing you provide connected care technology and services to better protect, serve and support your residents. You’ll also receive our expert attention, materials and brand-strengthening methods to grow public awareness and outreach to empower your core business. A dedicated account representative will assist in making implementation and the ongoing continuity of care and results effective and easy.