TeleCare Center

More Engagement with More Patients

What is the TeleCare Center?

We operate and host the most advanced national TeleCare Center in the industry. Our Center is staffed with RNs, LPNs, CNAs, accomplished care trainers, quality assurance specialists, health escalation professionals and skilled technical experts. The Center operates on the backbone of our reliable, state-of-the-art care platform, integrated telecommunications systems, and redundant infrastructure. We deliver continuous remote care daily.

Electronic Caregivers offers a full featured TeleCare Center. Our Care Agents and Coaches go through rigorous and extensive continuing education to their existing health credentials. Our training is now offered by a major University as a certified curriculum. Proprietary training prepares Care Agents for the requirements of working in a comprehensive, fast paced, full-service TeleCare environment where accuracy is as important as expeditious coordination.

We support both providers and patients with the enrollment of connected care services, coordination and delivery of a personal, virtual care support system for use at home. We customize each system for each individual patient, their care directives and needs. Both technology and connected Care Agents then work together, and with the entire care circle, to assist with daily care management, monitoring and oversight. Our TeleCare Center provides chronic care management, behavioral health support, elder care support, remote patient monitoring, engagements and assessments during health escalations or exacerbations. We coordinate with professional care teams, health coaches, family carers and responders, as needed.

There is a shortage of doctors and nurses. There is a shortage of caregivers. The rate of those living worldwide with chronic conditions is increasing and the aging population is doubling in size. Technology coupled with intermediary TeleCare teams help fill the gaps in care, helps early-identify changes in health status, and helps collect accurate and actionable data for care teams to respond to. TeleCare delivers the continued oversight, coaching, coordination, reporting and support to improve treatment adherence, health outcomes, to facilitate accurate and early intervention, to enhance quality of life, and even aide in expanded lifespan.

For You

Monitoring and sharing vitals and health information with your provider between appointments helps early-identify changes in health status and provides insights into overall wellness, and a patient’s response to treatment.

By using our Pro Health system at home, you can eliminate the stress of having to remember medications, to record important vitals or health information, and you’ll be continuously supported by an expert, TeleCare Agent and Coach.

For Your Practice

Remote patient monitoring and connected chronic care management is one of the best support services you can extend to your patients. If you want to early-identify changes in health status, measure how your patient is responding to medications or treatment, if you want to personalize care and respond more accurately and faster when patients need it, connected care is your solution.

You’ll identify more often at critical moments when you need to see patients personally. You’ll receive qualified, assessed, actionable data when you need it to better aide your care of patients. You’ll be empowered to adjust treatment and personalize care for improved outcomes and a better patient experience. You’ll begin to see the data you need in the patient’s health record that was previously missing. You’ll no longer suffer frustration at missing self-reported vitals and health information, and you won’t worry patients are making it up on the back of an envelope. You’ll have accurate, digital records delivered in real time with insights into variability and trends you never had before.

Our TeleCare Center works between the patient at home, your practice and care team, deploying the best standards of remote care coordination available in the health industry today. We’ll increase your visibility and engagement with the patient in an effective, useful and meaningful way. We’ll help you deliver it without risk, at scale, reliably, for the best care services your patients and community has ever witnessed.