Transitional Care

Focused On Recovery

When critical health events occur, the transitional period from discharge to recovery is a crucial time. Our goal together is to support recovery to improve health outcomes, quality of life, extend functional lifespan, and to protect against common dangers and setbacks. Through our easy-to-use and effective connected care technologies, patients, clinicians, and care team members can continue to offer the level of transitional care needed.

Safety Net

  • Our support for medication and treatment adherence is highly beneficial for supporting successful recovery.
  • Monitoring vitals trends resulting from accurate, consistent readings and alerts can help early-identify changes in health status, eliciting a faster, more informed response.
  • Falls and injuries occur more frequently during recovery, aggressive treatment, medication and other impairments. Reliable, accessible emergency response is critical for at-risk patients in transition.

Peace of Mind During Transitional Care

Our team and technology helps hold patients accountable to treatment follow through and adherence. We facilitate continuous monitoring and oversight, respond to alerts and indications of changes in health status and decline, we support medication adherence and provide emergency response notifications during distress. Our care monitoring, increased engagement, and integrated TeleCare Center helps patients and caregivers remain informed and ahead of the game during transitions and recovery.