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Remote Patient Monitoring Technology May Enhance Disease Control in Type II Diabetes

by David Keeley, PhD: Director of Clinical Research, Santos Abyeta, MD: Patient Care Specialist, Laurie Doyon, CMA: Patient Program Coordinator, Eric Armstrong, DPT: Chief Operating Officer, Bailey Henderson: Research Associate

April 2022

Deploying Telehealth to Reduce Hospital Readmissions in Rural, Low Income Communities

by David W. Keely, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

March 1, 2021

Electronic Caregiver: Rapidly Developing & Deploying an Innovative COVID-to-Home Program to Ensure Access to Care, Improve Patient Health & Prevent Community Spread

by Mark Francis, Digital Health Integration Officer

December 2020

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The Future of AI and Older Adults: Conversations Built on Data

By Laurie M. Orlov, Principal Analyst, Aging and Health Technology Watch

May 2023