Global Population Health & Infectious Disease Management

Our platform delivers personalized, scalable, affordable, infectious disease management and population health solutions. Our solutions can be tailored for general health monitoring or early identification of infectious disease conditions, and are further empowered by advanced-driven data tracking, reporting, and alerts. We can provide agnostic deployment on existing computing equipment ranging from tablets, to desktops, to mobile devices. With AI-powered insights, customizable geofencing, multi-language, personalized administrative portals and dashboards, we serve professional athletic organizations, academic institutions, corporations, hospitals, and senior living properties. We also offer support for large events and venues.

Protector Initiative

The Protector Initiative offers a comprehensive proprietary management platform that allows authorized administrators to view and manage alerts, screenings, and critical data for defined populations and business operations. Health data is collected via self-reporting and connected devices.

WallPass™ Offers Customizable Options

Our Smartphone Application, WallPass ™, is available on iOS and Android. It provides real-time monitoring of geolocation for individuals, to compare with an overlay of infectious disease hotspot heat-mapping data. The app tracks phone location every two minutes while the phone is moving at 2 mph or more, and every 30 minutes when stationary. This allows authorized administrators to stratify exposure risks by comparing movements to locations of known disease occurrences.

Empowering Industry

After 9/11, the TSA was instituted to assure travel safety. Now, new threats to public safety have raised awareness of the ongoing risks and economic costs of infectious diseases such as COVID-19, H1N1, SARS, and annual influenza outbreaks. Electronic Caregiver is working to empower a wide range of industries, including corporate, travel, hospitality, education, and healthcare with effective infectious disease protection methods.