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From Our Users

“The Premier saved me from life-injuring problems, and it literally could have saved my life, because all I had to do was hit my head once in those three falls and that could have been it.”

Catherine Seder,
Lutz, Florida 

“[The Premier with PocketMD] just gives me a sense of security to know that if I need a doctor, and it’s all kinds of doctors, not just medical – it can be for depression, it can be for all kinds of things – that I don’t have to leave home. I can have the services come right to me and get the same care I would as if I was sitting in an urgent care or an emergency room.”

Cheryl Wilson,
St. Louis, Missouri 

“I was glad I had a device to check [my heart rate] easily and quickly – that I could trust – so I could go ahead and make phone calls and instead of saying, ‘Oh I don’t feel right,’ I could say, ‘This is what the machine says,’ and I definitely felt there was something different, so it was very reassuring.”

Jeannie Pomeroy, 
Raton, New Mexico 

“I get notified [of an emergency] probably within two minutes of my mother hitting her button. It’s very quick, and I know the Electronic Caregiver number by heart, so I answer it automatically.”

Patti Henderson,
Las Cruces, New Mexico 

“I’ve had doctors who were less responsive than Addison is when you talk to them. You know she’s not human, but it’s nice to have a person there, and it’s fun to watch her. It’s kind of like an extra person in the house; it’s kind of like company.”

Coralee Armstrong,
Greenville, Pennsylvania 

From Our Partners

I have never encountered a logistical operation like Electronic Caregiver's before. They are bar none. We pushed an insurmountable task on them to take care of our patients when others simply fell through. They accomplished it with poise, professionalism, and a hunger for success that matched our own.

– Michael Ciullo
CEO, Nsight

Sensory is happy to partner and work closely with Electronic Caregiver and provide not only great technologies, but those that run on device and therefore provide ultimate privacy and security. The 'Addison' wake word and screen control commands are using Sensory’s TrulyHandsfree technology which has been used in more than 3 billion products worldwide. Our wake word technology requires no training or enrollment and therefore provides an out of the box, easy to use solution. TrulyHandsfree runs 100% on device and does not save nor send any voice or other data anywhere! Privacy is important for all products and especially important for health and home care assistants.

– Jeff Rogers
Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Sensory

We are constantly thinking about active aging and what that looks like. We really are always on the cutting edge – clearly, with Addison and our partnership. We feel that by having a virtual presence with folks, they are going to feel better longer and be able to age in place, which really is our main goal.

–  Amanda Lynch

Fortified Life Director, Western Home Communities

Through our highly productive partnership, we’re already delivering a 21st-century health care experience for thousands of patients, and we’re confident our joint capabilities will scale to all the innovative health care providers in America. Our common goals are clear: to create more health care delivery capacity and to drive better patient outcomes. I’m confident we will continue to augment the traditional medical practice by building trust one patient at a time, one provider at a time.

– Kyle Williams
CEO, MD Revolution

Electronic Caregiver and their products are proven to reduce hospital re-admissions and, further expanded, can save billions of healthcare dollars for Medicare and private insurance, as well as penalties for hospitals. The Addison Care solution will further enhance transitional and homecare services and improve patient outcomes. As a Chairman of the Board of a major hospital, I have confidence and great hope in these solutions for the future of care.

– Prasad Podila
MD, FACP, AGAF Chairman, Memorial Medical Center

As a research scientist, I am excited to begin the official clinical trials with Electronic Caregiver and Addison Care. I anticipate a very positive impact on treatment adherence and patient outcomes, as well as improving health and reducing the stress of family caregivers. We will be observing the effects on both categories of participants.

– James K. Dzandu
Ph.D., Research Manager, HonorHealth John C. Lincoln Medical Center

If you are looking for a solution that shatters the status quo of in-home healthcare services, look no further than Electronic Caregiver’s Addison Care. The team at Electronic Caregiver has created an integrated AI solution that is leading the way to improve the lives of our nation’s caregivers, the family members/patients they serve and doing so with dramatic cost savings within our nation’s healthcare system.

– John L. Hummer
President, Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

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