Personal Security & Response


We’ve Got Your Back

Our connected care technology has your back while you’re at home and away from home. It allows you to keep doing what you love while having access to emergency response services with a push of a button. It gives caregivers, patients, clients, and loved ones peace of mind knowing you are protected no matter the situation.

Protecting Your Independence

People we serve can maintain their independence with the help of our products and services with personal security. We offer devices that have GPS location capabilities that can help first responders, as well as the family members and friends they choose, find someone during an emergency.

If you are going for a run, getting out of work late, or just driving to the grocery store, it is important to be prepared for any situation.

Every Second Counts

It can be difficult to use your phone to call for help in an emergency. Our easy-to-access and discreet wrist pendant can send help your way with just a push of a button. Our team stays connected to you during an emergency until help is by your side and informs your designated contacts if an alert is triggered.


There are many situations and we are prepared for all of them.

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