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From The Founder

It began quietly and with great intensity. Behind the scenes, we started the plan to improve the way care and support is delivered and managed for patients – from children to adults, and especially our underserved and rapidly expanding aging population. With those improvements, we planned to address the challenges faced by caregivers around the world. We investigated the leading areas of existing risk, pain, suffering, mortalities, conflicts in care, gaps in care, loss of independence, impairments to health outcomes, causes for treatment failures, and the impact of unrestrained infectious disease on our global population.

We organized hundreds of leading health industry collaborators, scientists, providers, innovators, and policymakers in order to formulate a patient-centered vision to reimagine care. For years, we assembled, interviewed, and scientifically screened and assessed thousands of patients. We evaluated tens of millions of points of data.

As we formulated a valid vision using evidence-based methods for a robust product, service, and ecosphere— one that could be bolted on and integrated into current global healthcare infrastructures—we began to build it. All of it.

– Anthony Dohrmann, CEO

Our Products & Medical Alert Devices

Treatment Performance Monitoring

Improved Outcomes

Optimized Coordination

Continuous Care

Expedited Intervention

Elevated Adherence

Increased Engagement

Early Identification

10’s of 1000’s

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Care Partners

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Our Initiatives

We are continually working to improve the way people think about their health and wellness. Our Connected Care technologies offer easy-to-use tools to coordinate and improve the way we care for ourselves and others.

Addison Care is the next evolution in healthcare. It communicates and coordinates health data/ info between the patient and those in their care circle, offering real-time updates and alerts.

Our goal is to make healthcare proactive instead of reactive. We work to educate and inform how our technology can allow people to take their health into their own hands and work with physicians, leaders, and communities to make connected care the standard practice of healthcare.

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