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Designed to Improve Health Outcomes

Electronic Caregiver’s virtual care solutions open 35% more market share for you. Our virtual caregiver solutions fill the gap of care between live visits and keep clients safe. 50% of treatment failures are due to non-compliance. Electronic Caregiver provides 24/7 adherence support.

Continuous connected care provides early identification of health anomalies and enables more accurate, expedited intervention to improve outcomes. Clients experience better outcomes, extended functional independence, less hospitalization, and lower mortality rates.

Affordable, scalable, effective chronic disease support

Improved caregiver health and wellness

Reduced hospitalization through treatment compliance

Faster and improved recovery

Extended functional independence and lifespan

Better care coordination

Benefits for Business


Establish lasting relationships to convert lower-income leads into long-term revenue. With lucrative activation bonuses paid to your business on every order and volume bonuses paid out monthly, we can provide extra income to support your core business.

We Invest In You!

In addition, we produce and deliver up to 12 monthly digital media and marketing campaigns you can use to point and click, building instant awareness for connected care solutions.  

Client Care

Fill the gaps in care between visits to improve adherence, health outcomes, safety, coordination, and client retention.

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