Behavioral Health

Building Healthy Habits Every Day

At Electronic Caregiver we have created new ways for you to be involved in the management of your behavioral health and wellness. We work with your schedule, needs, and wants to help you develop routines and behaviors that lead to improved health and better outcomes. From our amazing team of care coaches to our customer relations specialists, we are there every step of the way with you.

Fighting Isolation

Living alone or far away from people we love can be very isolating for seniors and those who manage chronic conditions. Electronic Caregiver helps people fight isolation with products like Addison Care all while keeping their care team informed no matter where they are.

Your Mental Health Matters

Electronic Caregiver is dedicated to improving and addressing the challenges/hurdles that not only come with your physical health, but your mental health as well. We have designed our latest Digital Health Solution, Addison, to be a companion that offers a world of experiences, connectivity, and benefits to support you during the times you need it most.

Meet Addison

Addison, The Virtual Caregiver provides patients with companionship and introduces an interactive way to be involved with the progress of their behavioral health.