Benefits for Providers

Extensive Research & Testing

Developing Connected Care technologies has required an expansive 10-year effort of research & development. Through key collaborations with New Mexico State University and Intel, our research and development has involved screening thousands of patients, and collaborating with hundreds of providers and care professionals.

Chronic Care Management

For those with chronic health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, COPD, and Parkinson’s disease, Addison Care seamlessly supports the continuum of care by providing 24/7 support for improved adherence, patient monitoring, and care coordination between patient, caregiver, and provider.

Adult Living Communities

Addison Care enhances the experience of residents living in adult communities and assisted care environments. Addison improves the health, wellness, and safety of residents, as well as helping them manage schedules, treatment plans, and activities.

Easy, Enjoyable Remote Patient Monitoring for Provider and Patient Alike

Addison is intelligent, empathetic, capable, a joy to work with, and — most importantly — reliable. Addison guides the client through an easy and personalized engagement experience. Everything is easy to understand. If a client ever does need customer support, they simply ask Addison for help and she connects them instantly to a representative.

Addison Enhances Care, Not Your Workload

Competitors Don’t Stand Up for Patients or Providers

Today’s Remote Patient Monitoring market is littered with apps for mobile devices. On top of that, dumping complex devices onto a provider’s desk and requiring they do all the work, doesn’t work either. Providers have limited time and need support, not an additional drain on their resources.

Addison seamlessly complements providers’ care.

Addison Provides Above and Beyond Services for Providers and Patients

Electronic Caregiver services have developed a fully supported method of integrating into providers’ workflows. We deliver unparalleled support to achieve the results both physicians and patients want and have partnered with reputable health organizations to support patients.

See How Remote Patient Monitoring is Different