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Medicaid & PERS FAQs

Is Electronic Caregiver a Medicaid provider under a Medicaid waiver plan in my state?

Electronic Caregiver is a Medicaid waiver service provider for clients receiving coverage in New Mexico, Texas, Colorado, Arizona, Iowa, Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.

Is there an income requirement for Medicaid eligibility?

Yes. Although income eligibility varies by state, clients seeking state Medicaid coverage anywhere must make less than the federally mandated maximum income of $2,523 per month.

Do I have to be over the age of 65 to qualify for Medicaid insurance under a waiver plan?

No. Medicaid benefits are available to the elderly, to physically disabled, and to adults and children with developmental disabilities.

Do I need to have Wi-Fi to be able to use the Electronic Caregiver Premier PERS system?

No, our system comes equipped with cell service. Wi-Fi is not needed for it to function.

What does a responsible party need to do?

A responsible party is the main point of contact when an emergency is triggered by a client’s PERS system. This person does not need to live with the client receiving Medicaid coverage, but should be able to be reached by phone at any time.

What if I don’t have someone to act as responsible party?

In the case that a client doesn’t have someone who can serve as their responsible party in the event of an emergency, the client’s case manager would typically be given the role.

Medicare –
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Certain Medicare coverage can be used to reimburse some of the costs associated with Electronic Caregiver’s remote patient monitoring services. If you would like for us to contact your physician regarding remote patient monitoring or would like more information regarding our services then fill out the form below.

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