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Who We Help

Senior Living Support

Senior living communities can diversify their service offerings while providing direct insight into the well-being of their residents to their loved ones and care teams.


Transitional Care Support

Electronic Caregiver ensures coordinated care when loved ones are transitioning between hospital, long term care, assisted living facilities, and home.

Employer Support

Employers can offer Electronic Caregiver services to their employees to assist with health monitoring for themselves or their loved ones, helping productivity and focus on all fronts.  

Home Care Support

Home Care companies can diversify their service offerings while providing direct insight into the well-being of their clients to their loved ones and care teams.

Hospital Support

Hospitals can implement a white label turnkey Remote Patient Monitoring program or utilize Electronic Caregiver Services to take advantage of reimbursable CMS services.

Doctor and Clinician Support

Doctors and Clinicians can utilize Electronic Caregiver Services to take advantage of reimbursable CMS services such as Remote Patient Monitoring and Chronic Care Management.


Personal Care

One touch telehealth and interactive care plans create the foundation for personal care by Electronic Caregiver.

Personal Security

Always stay connected and get help with a simple touch of a button. Emergency personnel are just a click away.

Caregiver Relief

Electronic Caregiver supports caregivers with 24/7 support and monitoring, while improving patient outcomes.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Get personalized care plan and support for every patient, using a patient-centered approach.

Chronic Care Management

Manage chronic illnesses with 24/7 support that includes care plan reminders and access to qualified physicians. 

Behavioral Health

Access mental help professionals at any time to help support your overall wellbeing.

Electronic Caregiver launches customizable, animated RPM

Designed to provide affordable health monitoring and wellness support at home, the virtual assistant could help providers increase treatment adherence rates and improve health outcomes for aging and chronically ill patients.

Electronic Caregiver Ranks No. 968 on the 2022 Inc 5000 List

The Inc. 5000 recognition puts Electronic Caregiver, based in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in the top .07 percent of all privately-owned companies in America in terms of multi-year growth and the top 20 percent of the Inc. 5000 list.

Electronic Caregiver Buys Las Cruces Tower

Electronic Caregiver now owns the Las Cruces Tower, the city’s tallest building. The rapidly growing health technology company has been headquartered in the building for the last five years, but now they own the building outright after finalizing the sale July 11.

Meet Addison

Addison, the Virtual Caregiver, is a state-of-the-art, 3D animated, connected caregiver designed to transform a residence into a digital Smart Health Home, providing chronic care management, rehabilitation, aging in place, behavioral health and care coordination, for patients of all ages.


Connected Care +

Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring are now available like never before through our Connected Care+ program. This exclusive Electronic Caregiver service offers many benefits to transform the way we care for patients and their health.


Our platform delivers personalized, scalable, affordable, infectious disease management and population health solutions. With AI powered insights, customizable geofencing, multi-language, personalized administrative portal and dashboards, we serve professional athletic organizations, academic institutions, corporations, hospitals, and senior living properties.

TeleCare Center

We operate and host the most advanced national TeleCare Center in the industry. It supports both providers and patients with the enrollment of connected care services, coordination and delivery of a personal, virtual care support system for use at home.