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The Electronic Caregiver Company is proud to be the industry leader in innovation and technology, which enables us to provide features that help in the prevention of emergency use.


Customized systems to fit your loved one’s needs, schedule and budget

Stylish Wrist-Worn Pendant

A fitness band style, submersible, emergency wrist alarm pendant with long range capabilities. This light weight, attractive safety device is worn 24/7 and provides reliable protection and because it doesn’t look like an emergency button, our clients love wearing it.

Activity Detection

Customized activity detection verifies you’re active. In the event you might be unconscious and unable to press a button, we’ll know something is wrong as an alert signals the emergency response facility.

Medication Management

Personalized, monitored medication reminders keep you on track with your care plan and if you don’t respond to the reminder, we can check to make sure you’re okay.

Family Caregiver Connection Apps

Both Android or iOS apps are available for family members who can be empowered with access to check on a loved ones whereabouts, check on system status or an event, or even send a personalized message or reminder.

EMT Operators

Our emergency response facility is staffed with licensed Emergency Medical Technicians. The most qualified operators in the industry will respond to your inquiries, notify responsible parties when a wellness check is needed, or notify emergency services during a crisis.

Stay-On-The Line Service

Our EMT operators stay on the line during emergencies, reassuring, advising and assessing, until a responder is actually kneeling at your side.


With PocketMD, you can connect with a doctor round-the clock 365 days a year. It’s easy, it’s affordable and like having a team of medical experts in the palm of your hand at all times.

Our Services

Customized systems to fit your loved one’s needs, schedule and budget

Emergency Response

High quality health and crisis monitoring and response.

Outstanding Customer Service

Our team outperforms the competition in every aspect of customer commitment, satisfaction and care.

Nationwide Service

We protect and serve customers and high-risk patients in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Lifetime Warranty

We take care of all service, maintenance, replacement or repair without charge to our customers.

Free Equipment

High quality health and crisis monitoring and response. No cost for equipment.

Transparent Pricing Without

No monthly rate increases for standard services, ever, period.

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