Connected Care+

What is Connected Care+ ?

This exclusive Electronic Caregiver service is focused on connecting providers and patients like never before. With the combination of Chronic Care Management and Remote Patient Monitoring with 24/7 Emergency Response, we are able to increase engagement, early-identify health anomalies and declines, expedite informed response, and enable personalized care.

CMS has recognized the value in reaching out to patients regularly to keep them healthy, and reimbursement programs for remote engagement opportunities will only continue to grow.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Treatment adherence happens at home and non-adherence is responsible for 50% of treatment failures. Effective care enhancement happens during the activities of daily living at home, and outside the clinic. Being able to monitor patients outside of the traditional clinical setting helps doctors intervene when necessary and pushes for better patient outcomes. From congested metropolitan cities to sparsely populated rural areas we deliver continual access to care and effective health and caregiving support, directly to the comfort of home.

Personalized Care Plan Management

Automated and continuous support of treatment adherence for medications, vitals monitoring, and continued health surveys.

Connected Vitals Monitoring

Keeps patients on track with treatment and identifies changes in health status while accruing accurate data no longer forgotten or fabricated. 

Real-Time Insights

Enables early identification of health decline or changes in status, including observing how a patient is responding to medications or treatment. 

Ongoing TeleCare Management

Our integrated TeleCare Center provides ongoing interactive patient assessments, identifies and coordinates during exacerbations or escalations, and helps keep the care team informed for improved, personalized response and care. 

Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management is a proactive interaction between the clinician and patient to provide ongoing support outside of their regular doctor’s visit. The needs for chronic care management are significant. Approximately 140 million Americans have a chronic disease, growing to 170 million by 2025. Effective Chronic Care Management is proven to cut hospitalizations in half, improve outcomes, and provide the technology and expertise necessary to provide continuous remote services.

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