24/7 Care Plan Support, Security & Telehealth on the go

What is Premier?

Electronic Caregiver Premier includes a pocket smart health device and emergency wrist pendant, with one-touch telehealth and interactive care plan support. Electronic Caregiver Premier utilizes both Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Cellular Based Location Services (CBS) to locate the user’s current location, with 24/7 emergency response and automated health surveys. Our highly sensitive microphones allow operators to hear clients anywhere the mobile device is, whether in your home or on the go. Electronic Caregiver Premier allows seniors the confidence to live longer, safer, and more independently.


Key Benefits of Premier

24/7 Emergency Response


Wrist Pendant Protection

Care Plan Management

Caregiver Connectivity

24/7 PocketMD Physician Connect

Geolocation / Cellular Based Services

Supporting Your Independence

The Electronic Caregiver Premier system helps you stay active and independent for longer.  It provides you with uninterrupted care and support for every part of your day.  Whether it is an accident, medication reminder, or a health consultation, you can count on Premier and our team to be there, no matter where you are.

Automatic Fall Detection 


The Automatic Fall Detector pendant is designed to automatically alert emergency response, should the wearer experience a sudden deceleration, such as that occurring during a fall of 3’ or more. Worn around the neck using a breakaway-style lanyard, the Automatic Fall Detector pendant is Blue-Tooth linked (up to 400’) to the Premier GPS-enabled handset.


Your Physician on the Go

PocketMD is a 24/7 service accessible from your handheld device or mobile phone. By pressing a single button, you’re immediately connected to a physician-on-demand facilitator who will verify your identity, record your symptoms, and then contact a physician on your behalf. Within an average of 15 minutes, you can complete a consultation and have a prescription called in to your favorite pharmacy. It’s like having an urgent care center in the palm of your hand!

Family Caregiver App

Our Family Care App helps coordinate care and client support with authorized friends and family. You can send a message directly to a client’s system, and caregivers can receive important notifications to help monitor clients and improve quality of care. It is available for immediate use on iPhone or Android mobile devices.

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