Telehealth course prepares students for career in care

Aug 7, 2023

Electronic Caregiver partners with university to offer Care Coach Certification

Electronic Caregiver has partnered with New Mexico State University to offer a course that prepares students for a telehealth career. The fall TeleHealth Care Coach Certification (TCCC) course kicks off on Sept. 5.

Telehealth on the rise

Students who enroll in the self-paced, online course will learn valuable skills in providing virtual care coaching services. This is a high-demand field due to the immense growth of virtual care in recent years. According to the American Medical Association, a national study found that “telehealth rocketed up 53 percent from 2016 to 2017.” Additionally, Covid-19 has sped up telehealth use even further, according to research published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information. By the year 2025, “the market is projected to display a staggering seven-fold increase in growth,” the research states.

“Telehealth is an indispensable care tool,” said TCCC course co-creator and instructor Jamie Jaramillo. “Learning all about it is an essential step for your growth in the healthcare industry.” In addition to teaching the course, Jamie works as the client care training and compliance supervisor at Electronic Caregiver. She is a Registered Nurse and holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Also, she is a recipient of the prestigious Daisy Nurse Award and is experienced in the NICU, telehealth, and training.

Jamie Jaramillo, TeleHealth Care Coach Certification co-creator and instructor

Jamie Jaramillo, TeleHealth Care Coach Certification co-creator and instructor

Master important skills in virtual care

This is the second year Electronic Caregiver is partnering with NMSU to offer the TCCC microlearning course. It is designed for all skill levels, from those new to the industry to those with healthcare experience.

“In this 8-week entry level course, in collaboration with NMSU, we aim to educate you on the methods and practices that have contributed to making healthcare more accessible for communities everywhere,” Jamie said. “With over a decade of research and a track record of proven results, we are excited to share our expertise with you. So, whether you’re a seasoned healthcare professional or just getting your career started, the rapidly growing field of telehealth is waiting for you.”

What you’ll learn

The TCCC course includes an introduction to telehealth and health coaching. Students will also gain an understanding of medical terminology, plans of care, patient engagement, critical values, and symptoms of illness. Additionally, students master the latest care services, technologies, and methods used for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management. They also learn how to enroll patients in remote services.

Students recommend telehealth course

Several students who have completed the course said they found great value in it and would recommend it to others.

“I love the teamwork and mock roles,” said Vanessa Scott. “If you want to expand your knowledge in the medical field, this will be a quick way to do so.”

Another student said the course was a great way to learn how to care for loved ones and surrounding communities.

“This class teaches you basic techniques to implement by utilizing proper HIPAA protocols via telephone while checking in with patients,” said Lisa Ryan. “It enhances your skills and abilities in customer service.”

Careers in telehealth

Careers in telehealth include both work-from-home and in-office opportunities. Students in the TCCC course who obtain their certification will have an advantage when applying for a career in telehealth. The certification will also give them a leg up when seeking a promotion within the digital health field. Certainly, completing the TCCC course gives students precedence over other applicants if seeking a position at Electronic Caregiver.

Electronic Caregiver at sunset

Electronic Caregiver leads the way in digital health

Electronic Caregiver, founded in 2009, is a national digital health technology company based in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It offers personal emergency response systems, remote patient monitoring, and is the creator of Addison, the Virtual Caregiver. The company launched its Clinical Triage and Telehealth Services Center in October 2021. The Center offers virtual health coaching and care coordination services, improving outcomes for patients.

Electronic Caregiver is a leader in the industry, making the Inc. 5000 list two years in a row. The Inc. 5000 the most prestigious ranking of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

“Here at Electronic Caregiver, we are very excited to help inform and educate to create the best care outcomes possible. We hope to see you soon,” said TCCC course co-creator Amanda Herrera.

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