Tele What? Telehealth has everyone talking

Oh boy. And just when we all had settled into our normal routines. You know, like seeing our docs on a regularly scheduled basis. And popping into our urgent care offices for that quick check to make sure those allergies are nothing more. It was so easy, convenient and most of all non-technical. And now, with the COVID19 pandemic, everybody is chatting about telehealth, telemedicine, telemed, uh, telewhat? Telehealth has everyone talking.

Even though the entire world is fighting a pandemic, regular health challenges didn’t just stop. People are still getting migraines and the flu. Accidents with minor injuries are still happening every day. The problem is that most hospitals right now are focused on the Corona Virus challenge. Frankly, most of us don’t want to be anywhere near a medical facility amid this health storm.

So, we Google, we head to MedMD or we call our best friend’s sister whose husband is an ER doctor somewhere in Florida. Hopefully, we can get accurate information, diagnosis and over the counter relief. But what if we can’t? What if we need a doctor to give us the right answer and the right peace of mind?

Enter telehealth onto the world’s healthcare stage. The year 2020 will be remembered as the year people discovered this easy to use technology jewel and it won’t be long before we wonder what we ever did without it! So, what does it look like exactly, this digital healthcare?

Telehealth, Telemedicine, or Virtual Care?

GlobalMed published a blog for physicians who might be considering shifting their practices to include telemedicine. This blog, “Telemedicine 101: Answering Your Questions,” gets right to the root of the question telewhat?: “Telehealth refers to an umbrella of digital and remote healthcare services, while telemedicine specifically indicates evidence-based care involving medical and behavioral treatment rendered by clinicians. Virtual care can mean any digital healthcare services or remote interaction between providers and their patients, such as medication reminder text messages, online chat or video visits.”

Doctors all over the county are investigating what it looks like for their practices to provide this convenience. Patients who are hesitant to go into a health care facility during this time are finding telehealth a viable option. Even some who have tested positive for the current virus are finding care options and suggestions through telehealth. Others are receiving advice as to whether they should present themselves to a facility. Telehealth is saving lives and offering peace of mind.

Telemedicine is an easy digital alternative to interaction between a doctor and patient. This occurs through an online portal, over a phone, a laptop etc. The care is evidence -based, which means that a licensed professional has considered all the factors necessary to make a qualified diagnosis. They then prescribe a method of treatment. All of the professionals on the other side of the screen are fully vetted. Amazing? Yes, we know. But, it’s true! Telehealth has everyone talking.

The option for telemedicine

Electronic Caregiver offers pocketMD telehealth services as an option for every customer. Our telehealth service, pocketMD, is included in some packages and can be added to all of them. Either way, it’s available for a small monthly charge.

Recently, Cheryl Wilson of St. Louis, MO share her story about using pocketMD. “From the time I hit my pocketMD (button) until I had my medication totaled probably about 90 minutes,” Wilson said. Read more about Cheryl’s story.

Telemedicine and the entire telehealth umbrella is also very convenient for those residing in rural areas. It’s so much better than driving an hour round trip to wait in line at an urgent care and then a pharmacy provider. ECG’s pocketMD is contacted with a single push of the button on one of the Electronic Caregiver systems. Immediately, our customers speak to a representative. Within a short period of time they then speak with an expert regarding their present need. The pocketMD physicians can also call in a prescription to your desired pharmacy for pick up. This is truly quicker, easier, and convenient.  And it all happens straight from your home. Our pocketMD services are on your terms twenty-four hours per day, every day. Our customers are covered, connected and protected. with 24/7 availability. Most tell us they really appreciate that!

Stay Well

And so, yes, we will all have to learn some new things in this new age. After this pandemic is over, hopefully, more positives than negatives will result. Until then, consider being proactive in taking your own health into your own hands with Electronic Caregiver products like ProHealth, Premier, and pocketMD telehealth.

All our systems and our pocketMD are HIPAA compliant. Your information is fully protected. Insurance companies are beginning to cover the cost of some of our systems as is the federal government. Find out more about our systems and pocketMD, by calling 833-324-5433 or visit the other pages on this website for more information.

We hope you and yours stay safe, healthy and well during this strange time we are forging through. And we hope you have access to the resources you need if life happens during our stays at home.